Easy Steps To Move Plants From One Place To Another

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Plants are an integral part of the family as they make your place happy and give positive vibes, and if you are planning to move to a new location then you definitely want to carry these integral parts of family with you to make your destination alive. Packing and moving them is much like taking care of a small kid and asking them to relocate.

When we talk about shifting, plants are the most delicate things for movement. They need a lot of attention and care so that they do not die. If you are someone who is a plant lover, and is worried about how to shift, get our quotation today by reaching out to us.

Shifting plants from one place to another can be a little difficult task, as it needs extra care and attention because you might not want to take any risk which will damage these plants.

Here Are Few Tips Which Will Help You in Moving Plants From one Location to Another.

  1. Get on a Final Decision If You Want To Move the Plants or Not – If you’re moving to a new place then there are chances that your new home doesn’t have enough space for your plants and gardening, and also there are chances that your new place does not have a favorable climate for many of your existing plants. So you have to think realistically on which plants you would like to take with you based on the climate and space in your destination place. As you are not moving all your existing plants so you also need to think about other plants which you are going to leave.
  2. Clean the Plants Properly – Once you have decided which plants are going with you, then you need to clean those plants at least one week before moving. You need to look for pests and weeds, if you find any, clean them off. You also need to remove all the dead leaves and branches from the plants and also remove the dust from it. If any of the plants has got some kind of disease then, do not stress on moving that plant because you might not want to take a diseased plant into your new house.
  3. Prepare a Plant’s New Home – It is advisable to visit your new home beforehand, to prepare it for your existing plants. You need to look for the space where you are going to keep them. Make sure, your plants will get the optimal amount of sunlight. If some of them are garden plants and you have a garden in your new place then you need to dig a space in your garden so that once you’ll reach your destination then you’ll replant them in that place. You also need to take care of the soil, the soil in the garden should be suitable for plants and free from insects as you might not want your plants to get damaged because of them.
  4. Hire Mover and Packer – Moving plants from one place to another is not an easy task, as it requires special care and attention. So you can hire a professional mover and packer company which specialize in moving plants. These are the professionals which can shift your plants with care and without any damage. Your plants need good packaging before moving, and these professionals will pack your plants in boxes by putting foams or bubble wraps between pots and boxes to avoid any kind of damage.
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  5. Use Plastic Pots – You can transfer your plants into plastic pots with suitable soil at least one week before moving. Plastic pots will make the transit easy, as they are unbreakable and trustworthy. You need to do so at least a week prior in order to make your plants adaptive to the new environment. Plants are very sensitive in nature and if they won’t adapt to the environment then they start to die, so to avoid such situations you need to take care of the soil before transferring them to a new pot and also the soil should be moist enough for the plants.
  6. Unboxing – As soon as you reach your destination, you need to unpack your plants. You need to take out your plants from the box with care, and see if any leaves or branches are broken because of the moving then you need to remove them. After this, first keep your plants in the dark and slowly move them to sunlight in order to give them a chance to adjust to a new environment. Keep in mind that you should not change the place of the plants frequently as they are very sensitive and it might lead to bantam growth or death.

The Final Rep

These are some of the easiest ways in which you can handle your plants. If you are someone who is getting more concerned and thinks that you cannot shift your house plants then do not worry we still have some solution for you.

Keep a cutting of the plant: If your plants are big and deep rooted, keep a small cutting and try to re-grow them on the same soil where you are planning to shift.

It is also a good idea to give them to someone, if you are suspicious that they would not survive the shift or are sensitive to plant care.

You can also try to relocate them in the car, so that they travel safely along with a person to look after. You can also water them a day prior so that they survive the shifting process.

The team of Totally Repair helps you enjoy the new beginning of your life, while we help you ramp up the process of shifting. Happy Shifting!!

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