12 Vastu Shastra Tips For Office: Key to Growth & Prosperity

Vastu Tips for Office

Any business’s finances are its lifeblood, thus it is crucial to create a workspace that is full of inspiration, positivity, divine favour, and financial security. to bring luck and success.A person’s overall well-being will be enhanced and financial prosperity will be ensured by strategically placing walls, paints, decorations, and much more. Listed below are a few Vastu Shastra tips for offices that will infuse your workplace with happiness and growth.

Here are the 12 Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Office to Guarantee Quick Professional Growth


  1. Be Cautious With the Position of Your Computers and Cell Phones While Working – For job advancement, put the electronics in the southeast corner. Additionally, make sure the cords and wires are untangled and hidden from view on the tables.
  2. Sit Correctly –  Your professional development is determined by how you sit and work. As a result, you must refrain from sitting with your legs crossed as it will hinder your professional development. The key to growth is working with the correct discipline even while working from home, and sitting in a high-back chair in the workplace guarantees a favourable climb in the profession.
  3. Your Home Office’s Location – Working from home is becoming a common habit, which has prompted the development of home offices. Make sure your home office or job is not right next to your bedroom. A square or rectangular office desk would also be ideal if you want the greatest results. Avoid using workstations with a circled top.
  4. Did You Try Crystals? – Using strong crystals increases energy levels and is associated with an improvement in work efficiency. Maintaining Quartz crystals at work provides improved prospects.
  5. Where is Your Head When You are Sleeping? – According to Vastu Science, sleeping with your head toward the east promotes successful job advancement. It is well recognized to increase mental activity and focus levels. North is a good direction to sit and work in as well. Make sure you have a strong wall behind you. You’ll remain grounded as a result. The rear of the area where you sit to work must not have a window since doing so will confuse and divert you.
  6. Keep Your Products in the Right Place – For product makers, the Vastu Shastra for offices forbids piling up finished items in front of the desk in the northeast direction since it causes obstacles. To guarantee that finished items are sold, they should be positioned in a north-westerly orientation.
  7. How To Make Your Safe Safer? – Safe meant to store important financial documents should be kept in the office’s southwest corner. If you want to increase your financial situation and general success, turn the safe to face northeast.
  8. What Did You Do For the Guests? –  For new guests, the office’s welcoming room leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, presenting a bouquet of green jade or French lavender flowers at the front desk will infuse the area with optimism and draw prosperity. The entryway to the workplace should include a four-leaf clover plant since it symbolises luck and wealth.
  9. Table Matters – Entrepreneurs must make sure their workstation or table is rectangular in shape and constructed from high-quality wood. Uneven glass or metal tables in the cabin encourage confusion, tension, and disengagement from work.
  10. Sleepy During Work? –  Ashna Ddhannak cautions office workers, company owners, and executives from sleeping at their desks since it generates bad energy.
  11. Keep Your Desktops Clean of Clutter – Lock up your books and documents. Documents should be arranged in order of significance. In order to remove impediments to financial development, damaged stationery should also be thrown away.
  12. Trust is Important – Employees must make sure that no door in their cabins is facing their backs since doing so will prevent them from seeing visitors enter. According to Vastu Shastra, this could promote mistrust at work. Put a picture of a mountainous landscape below the chair seat to get your colleagues’ trust because it promotes support. To encourage improved dialogue among classmates, you may also arrange a turquoise pyramid on the desk.

Trust in the wonder of the universe. If you follow these recommendations with good intentions, you will undoubtedly get good outcomes.

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