Use Your Cardboard Boxes After Moving Day

Cardboard box uses

Congratulations! We hope your moving day is over, and you are done with unpacking. Now you must be worrying about those bunch of cardboard boxes that you used to pack your belongings. A lot of questions must be shooting in your mind like what to do with these boxes, should we throw them or keep them, where to keep them etc etc.

But don’t worry we come up with some of the solutions that’ll help you in getting answers to these questions.

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Here Are Few of the Things That You Can Do with Those Cardboard Boxes

  1. Breakdown the Boxes – If you are planning to keep the boxes for future use, then first you need to open and flatten those boxes. Now once you flatten the boxes and make them compact, they are easy to store and would not take as much space in your new home as before. Make sure to store these boxes in a dry place away from moisture, as moisture can damage the boxes and as a result they can not be reused.
  2. Give Them To Your Movers and Packers – If you hired a professional movers and packers for your shifting purpose, then you can offer these boxes to them. They can make good use of these boxes as it is their daily task to help in shifting people from one place to another and sometimes they need extra boxes as their clients might forget to pack some of their belongings, so it is a good gesture to give these boxes to them.
  3. Recycling – This is one of the good things to do with these cardboard boxes, it helps in keeping the environment clean and also it will save the wildlife of nearby areas.
    You can drop the boxes to a nearby recycling center or recycling bins. They will recycle these boxes and make some recycled products out of them.
  4. Store Them For Future Use – If you want to store these boxes for your next move or any other future use, you need to first make these boxes compact so they don’t take much space.
    You also need to check the condition of the boxes before storing them, if their condition is good then you can keep the boxes and if not then these boxes are of no use.
    Separate the good condition boxes, flatten them then store them in a dry place after covering them with plastic, because water and moisture can damage these boxes and then you would not be able to use them,
  5. Give Them To Someone Who is Planning to Shift – If you know someone who is planning to move from his place to another, then you can offer these boxes to them.
    There are also various online channels where you can post about giving away cardboard boxes and people who need them might contact you for these boxes. It is advisable to check the conditions of these boxes before giving them to anyone.
  6. Gardening Purpose – If you have a garden in your new place, then you can use these boxes there. Cardboard boxes could be used in multiple ways, one of them is they could be used for sitting on them. Another main use case of cardboard in gardens is that you can use them for weed prevention. You can put the flatten box over the weeds and after a few weeks you’ll see the weeds killed because of the heat and sunlight blockage.
  7. Sell Boxes – Selling is also a good option to make money out of these boxes, if you are not going to use them. You can sell these boxes to local shops and also there are plenty of websites which buy used household items including cardboard boxes. You can also sell these boxes to movers and packers companies.
  8. Donate To Charity – You can always donate these boxes to charities, as it’ll be very useful to them because they do supply deliveries regularly. Just make sure that these boxes are in good condition before making a donation.
    You can spend some time googling about the nearby charity shops that accept donations and are doing things for good cause,
  9. Storage Purpose – Cardboard boxes can be used for storing extra things, once you’ll move to a new place and start unpacking then there are a lot of things that need to go in your storage area. So, you can utilize these boxes by putting those things inside the boxes and label them. This way your extra things will be organized in one place and won’t take much space in the storage area, and also whenever you need these extra things then you can see the label on the box and take the things out of the box for use.
  10. Use for Entertainment – If there are children in your home, then you can use these boxes for their entertainment purpose. You can create a fort out of these boxes for them, where they can spend a good amount of time playing indoors. You can also create a puppet theater out of these boxes and can show some creativity on them. These boxes can turn out to be good halloween costumes if enough creativity is put into it.
  11. Use as Cardboard – As you know, these boxes are made of cardboard, so this is also one of the good use cases of them. You can cut down the boxes into sheets and use them wherever required. For example- these sheets could be used as a wardrobe partition, and also if you have moved into a new home then there are chances that you new place might require some repairs and painting, so you can also use these cardboards sheets as floor protection,
  12. Tinder for Fire – Cardboard boxes are very handy for starting a fire, if you have a fire chimney in your home or you are planning for some bonfire, then these boxes are very useful for you. You can put some flammable items inside the boxes to start the fire.

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