The Most Commonly Broken Items During a Move

Broken Items During a Move

When you start to pack things for a new house, you might get a thought that you will not be able to get everything safely to another home. There are a lot of items that are difficult to carry or ensure good packaging. Totally repair packers and movers want to offer you peace of mind by assuring that the things you carry or pack would not be damaged.

Our team of experts help you plan and take necessary steps so that your items can survive the trip. We have listed down some of the items that can help you ensure that you have smooth transportation.


The most vulnerable item in your kitchen is glassware, so the items should be well packed. We have the majority of the cookware and dishes in the kitchen which are made up of fine glass. Not only kitchen items, but also home decoration items come under this.

Get the right box for the job and get all the items packed separately for protection. Add a lot of padding and layering, invest properly in all the packing material.

Sporting Equipment

People don’t think it is an important part while packing and moving. They often tend to ignore it, but it’s sometimes just as sensitive and can be expensive to replace.

Mainly the reason for breakage for the equipment is equipment being poorly packed and in an unprotected condition. If you plan to keep the original packing of the things in place, they might offer you a customized protection of things. You can also check the manual for oversized equipment to see if there are any special considerations.


Try dismantling your furniture. Kitchen tables have attachments that are easy to remove. They are often constructed with nuts and bolts which can be opened. To be careful dn ensure that there is no harm you can then wrap each part in a moving blanket. You should be careful that furniture, cover corners, and other vulnerable surfaces are not torn or scratched.


There are several mirrors in the room that are highly fragile and some of them are most frequently during a move. Cracking a mirror can be highly avoided if the right measures are taken by the team. Tape a X across the mirror so that it can help you to secure the integrity of the mirror. It can also help you to prevent the fall of chances for the small pieces. Wrap all the mirror in packing paper and another supportive padding before placing its anywhere in the boxes

China, Plates, and Other Dishes

To minimize the effect of the items on each other, each dish, plate, and cup should be wrapped individually. They should then be placed in a container which is big enough to be efficient.

To have the maximum protection for your items, you can use packing peanuts or bubble wrap in the spaces which are left between the items. These tight packages will ensure that the items do not move while traveling. If they do not move, they have less chances of getting damaged.

Picture Frames

It is always advisable that you pack these items in the original boxes you have. The biggest advantage is that the box is the same size as the item. For moving you can add bubble wraps and padding to secure the items.

Do not panic, if you have lost the boxes. You can still wrap it up in unprinted newspaper and then put all the cardboard edges around.


What better than having all your new plants at one single place. This can be tricky sometimes and also caan leave you with a doubt on how to carry them.

Make sure you stop watering them a few days before your move to help make them lighter to transport. If they are in boxes, make sure they’ve got holes to breathe otherwise the plants might die. Utilize ties or bags to separate plants from one another. You can also protect the loose branches of the plants that might be broken.

Wine Bottles and Bottle Collections

Before moving, it is recommended that you purchase insurance on your wine collection so that it is safe. If you are someone who decides to include your collection in your move while traveling, your specialty wine shop will likely be able to sell you moving kits. The moving kits with individual cells for each bottle so that it can be kept properly. These can help your bottle be protected.

Stereo and Audio Equipment

The reason that these get damaged more is that people stack a few items in the same box without any padding or the pieces of equipment.

If possible try to keep your stereo equipment in the original cartoons. You can also use disphak boxes which are originally made to handle fragile items.

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Flatscreen Tvs

Tvs are most damaged during a move. They are also one of the most valued possessions. We have listed down the things below that one must do.

Wrap your TV securely with a furniture pad, after dismantling the parts. Cover the screen side of the television with cardboard. Place it in the box properly and label them as fragile.

Books and Photographs

Books and photographs are highly sentimental and vulnerable to degradation. Exposure to nature such as wind, air or water can easily damage them. For this it is important that they are well packed in water proof and sturdy boxes, which will keep them safe.

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