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Bangalore Beauty Parlours For Bridal Makeup

List of Beauty Parlour Near me

Who would say no to a pampering that makes you beautiful! Totally Repair is there to help you get such a beautiful treatment, with its Beauty Parlour Home Service in Bangalore. All the salons listed on our platform provide exquisite services and exhilarating experiences for customers.

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Arose Unisex Salon, Bangalore

Beauty Salon

  • Seshadripuram, Bangalore
  • Speciality - Bridal makeup, HD makeup, Air-brush makeup, Party makeup, Hairstyling and hair extensions, Eyelashes, Draping, Nails

Exigo Family Salon Beauty & Spa

Beauty Salon

  • Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore
  • Speciality - Regular makeup, Party makeup, Hairstyling and hair extensions, Eyelashes, Draping, Nails

Strawberry Salon and Spa

Beauty Salon

  • BTM, Bangalore
  • Speciality - Regular makeup, HD mak-up, Airbrush makeup, Party makeup (for pre-wedding and post-wedding parties), Friends and family makeup, Hairstyling, Nail care services, Makeup trials

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Studio 11 Salon & Spa, Bangalore

Beauty Salon

  • New BEL Road, Bangalore
  • Speciality - Regular Makeup, Party Makeup, Friends and family Makeup, Hair Styling, Hair Extensions, Eyelashes, Shampoo, Draping, Nail services, Makeup service at the venue, Makeup service at studio/ salon

Body Raaga, Bangalore

Beauty Salon

  • Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Speciality - Regular make-up, HD make-up, Party make-up (for pre-wedding and post-wedding), Friends and family make-up, Hair Styling, Hair Extensions, Shampoo, Draping, Nails

FYS Unisex Salon

Beauty Salon

  • Marathahalli, Bangalore
  • Speciality - Regular make-up, HD make-up, Party make-up (for pre-wedding and post-wedding), Friends and family make-up, Hair Styling, Hair Extensions, Eyelashes, Shampoo, Draping, Nails

The team at Totally Repair is composed of like-minded individuals who share the vision of reaching out to people for the best salon services at their doorsteps, through social media and other digital mediums and sharing platforms.

Great Beauty Parlour services at home in the city of Bangalore is what we have been able to do, as a result. At Totally Repair, you can choose the beauty salon that you like, according to your own preference and budget.

People are well aware when it comes to travelling for long hours in the Bangalore traffic, and the fun it can suck out of their lives. Totally Repair is a great option for you if you want to make your life easier. There a number of salons who provide great Salon at Home Services at really affordable prices. Some of them include-

  • Cleanup
  • Facials
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Waxing
  • Bleaching
  • Hair and Body Spa
  • Hair Colour
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Wash
Beauty Parlour Home Service Near me in Bangalore
Beauty Parlour Home Service Near me in Bangalore

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Why Choose us

  • Your Personalised, Doorstep Salon Services

    With Totally Repair, you can bring your preferred salon right at your home. We like to call it our Salon at Home service. All the services are in line with your requirements, and every service is an experience in itself. Thanks to automation, you get the best parlour services in Bangalore that suitable locations to reach you in optimal time.
  • Expertise and Authenticity

    With Totally Repair, you don’t have to be bothered for the authenticity of the ladies beauticians in Bangalore. Each and every beautician, be it from any salon, undergo a background verification before being considered to provide services through our platform. Customers can choose their preferred time slot for appointment, and you get your service right at the comfort of your homes.
  • Great Quality Products and Time-Defined

    For every customer, our salon and beautician services in Bangalore follow a strict adherence to timelines. Apart from that, we also make sure that the selected salons have nothing but the best beauty products in their arsenal, with brands that are renowned the world over. Natural facial, party make-up, hair and body spa are just the beginnings. A lot more awaits you in store through Totally Repair.

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Beauty Parlour Price List Near Me at Home Service

Hair Salon


Haircut Type
Baby Hair Cut 249+ INR
Straight Hair Cut 399+ INR
U Shape Hair Cut 399+ INR
Blunt Haircut 599+ INR
BOB Haircut 599+ INR
V Shape Haircut 599+ INR
Veg Hair Cut 599+ INR
Razor Hair Cut 599+ INR
Steps Hair Cut 599+ INR
Change of Hair Style 599+ INR
Feather Haircut 599+ INR
Hair Trimming with Scissors 399 + INR
Hair Trimming with Candle 749 + INR
Head Wash 249+ INR
Blow Dry 399+ INR

Hair Styling

Hair Styling
Blow Dry 399+ INR
Curls with Rollers 599+ INR
Pressing / Crumpling 499+ INR
Spirals 599+ INR
Hair Style (Indian) 599+ INR
Hair Style (Western) 599+ INR

Hair Spa

Spa Type
L'Oreal Hair Spa 1200 + INR
Schwarzkopf Hair Spa 1200 + INR
Matrix Hair Spa 1000 + INR
Organic Hair Spa 1500 + INR
Moroccan Oil Hair Spa 1500+ INR
Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Spa 2000 + INR
L'Oreal Protein Hair Spa 2000 + INR

Hair Rebonding

Rebonding Type
Rebonding (Matrix) 4000 + INR
Rebonding (Schwarzkopf) 5000 + INR
Rebonding (L'Oreal) 5000 + INR

Hair Smoothing

Smoothing Type
Smoothing (Schwarzkopf) 4500 + INR
Smoothing (L'Oreal) 4500 + INR
Smoothing (Matrix) 4000 + INR

Hair Colouring and Streaks

Colouring Type
Root Touch Up - L'Oréal Professionnel 1200 + INR
Root Touch Up - Schwarzkopf 1200 + INR
Root Touch Up - Matrix 1000 + INR
Root Touch Up - Matrix 1000 + INR
Root Touch Up - INOA L'Oréal Professionnel 1500 + INR
Root Touch Up (Others Brands) Please Ask
Henna Application 500 + INR
Global Hair Colour - L'Oréal Professionnel 4000 + INR (Shoulder Length)
Global Hair Colour - Schwarzkopf 3500 + INR (Shoulder Length)
Per Chunk 800 + INR
Streak Therapy 8000 + INR

Hair Treatments

Treatments Type
Anti Dandruff (For 5 + 1 Sittings) 6000 + INR
Hair Fall (For 5 + 1 Sittings) 6000 + INR
Dry And Damaged Hair (For 5 + 1 Sittings) 6000 + INR
Mythic Oil (Per Sitting) 1500 + INR
Moroccan Oil (Per Sitting) 1800 + INR

Hair Straightening

Straightening Type
Straightening (Schwarzkopf) 4500 + INR
Straightening (L'Oreal) 4500 + INR
Straightening (Matrix) 4000 + INR

Beauty Salon Services

Expert Facial

Facial Type
Fruit 900+ INR
Aloe Vera 900+ INR
VLCC (Fruit) 900+ INR
VLCC (Glow) 900+ INR
Sensitive Skin Facial (Pearl) 1200+ INR
Kaya (Whiting) 1200+ INR
Silver Z 1200+ INR
Wine 1200+ INR
Papaya Z Vedic 1200+ INR
VLCC (Pearl) 1200+ INR
Shahnaz (Zeema) 1200+ INR
Kaya (Gold) 1200+ INR
Neem-Alovera Facial (Vedic Life) 1200+ INR
Cheryl's (Tan Removal) 1450+ INR
Sensitive Skin Facial (Cheryls) 1450+ INR
Lotus (Hydra) 1800+ INR
Insta Whitening 1800+ INR
Lotus (Pura) + INR
Nature's (Gold) 1800+ INR
Aroma Detoxifying Facial 1800+ INR
Party Facial 1800+ INR
Anti Oxidant (Pollution Fighting) 1800+ INR
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) 1800+ INR
Diamond Facial - VL 2200+ INR
Lotus Ultra Glow 2400+ INR
Gold Sheen (Lotus) 2400+ INR
Ozone 2400+ INR
Shahnaz (Gold) 2400+ INR
Shehnaz Diamond 3000+ INR
Moroccan Argan Oil 3000+ INR
O3 + 3000+ INR
Asthaamarit-Z 3000+ INR
Sensitive Skin Facial (Casmara) 3600+ INR
Bridal Sheen Gold Facial 4200+ INR
Bridal Sheen Diamond Facial 4200+ INR
Magic-Z Spl 4500+ INR

Face Clean Up

Shahnaz - Life 750+ INR
Fruit 750+ INR
Chocolate 750+ INR
Silver 750+ INR
Aloe Vera 750+ INR
VLCC (Glow) 750+ INR
VLCC (Tightening) 750+ INR
VLCC (Fruit) 750+ INR
VLCC (Whiting) 750+ INR
Silver Z 750+ INR
Papaya Z Vedic 750+ INR
Cheryl's 750+ INR
Wine 750+ INR
Shahnaz (Zeema) 750+ INR
Glycolic 750+ INR
Neem-Alovera Facial (Vedic Life) 750+ INR
Cheryl's (Tan Removal) 750+ INR
Lotus (Hydra) 1000+ INR
Kaya Whitening 1000+ INR
VLCC (Pearl) 1000+ INR
Lotus (Pura) 1000+ INR
Kaya (Gold) 1000+ INR
Nature's (Gold) 1200+ INR
Lotus Instaglow 1200+ INR
Ozone 1200+ INR
Aroma Detoxifying 1200+ INR
Party Clean Up 1200+ INR
Anti Oxidant (Pollution Fighting) 1200+ INR
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) 1200+ INR
Moroccan Argan Oil 1800+ INR
Lotus Ultima 1800+ INR
Gold Sheen 1800+ INR
Shahnaz (Gold) 1800+ INR
O3 + 1800+ INR
Asthaamarit-Z 1800+ INR
Casmara 2200+ INR
Magic-Z Spl 2400+ INR

Manicure And Pedicure

Manicure 450+ INR
Pedicure 500+ INR
French Manicure with Scrub & Bleach 650+ INR
French Pedicure with Scrub & Bleach 700+ INR
Paraffin Pedicure 700+ INR
Paraffin Manicure 650+ INR
Lotus Manicure (Crystal) 700+ INR
Lotus Pedicure (Crystal) 750+ INR
Deluxe Medicure Spa 1200+ INR
Deluxe Pedicure Spa 1500+ INR


Eyebrow 50+ INR
Upper Lips 50+ INR
French Manicure with Scrub & Bleach 650+ INR
Forehead 50+ INR
Chin 50+ INR
Side Burns 80+ INR
Full Face 200+ INR


Upper Lip Waxing 50+ INR
Upper Lip Waxing (Rica) 60+ INR
Under Arms Waxing 60+ INR
Under Arms Waxing (Rica) 120+ INR
Half Arms Waxing 110+ INR
Half Arms Waxing (Rica) 400+ INR
Full Arms Waxing 180+ INR
Full Arms Waxing (Rica) 500+ INR
Half Legs Waxing 180+ INR
Half Legs Waxing (Rica) 450+ INR
3/4 Legs Waxing 150+ INR
3/4 Legs Waxing (Rica) 600+ INR
Full Legs Waxing 300+ INR
Full Legs Waxing (Rica) 750+ INR
Full Face Waxing 120+ INR
Full Face Waxing (Rica) 350+ INR
Full Back Waxing 450+ INR
Full Back Waxing (Rica) 700+ INR
Bikini Waxing 700+ INR
Bikini Waxing (Rica) 1200+ INR
Full Body Waxing 1200+ INR
Full Body Waxing (Rica) 2700+ INR

Make-Up Services


Saree Draping / Lehnga Setting 200+ INR
Party MakeUp 2500+ INR
Farewell MakeUp 2000+ INR
Light MakeUp 2000+ INR
Shagun MakeUp 7500+ INR
Ring Ceremony MakeUp 7500+ INR
Reception MakeUp 9000+ INR
Bridal MakeUp (Products + Services) 10000+ INR
Bridal MakeUp (HD) 13000+ INR
Bridal MakeUp (Airbrush) 16000+ INR

Pre-Bridal Beauty Care Packages

Pre-Bridal Beauty Care Packages : 10, 20, 30 Days Please Ask
Acne Treatments Please Ask
Patchy-Pigmentation Skin Treatments Please Ask
Fine Lines and Wrinkles Treatments Please Ask
Tanned Body, Arms and Back Shine Treatments Please Ask
Fruit Face Exfoliation Please Ask
Radiance Glow Facials Please Ask
Insta-Glow Facials Please Ask
Photon-Rejuvenation Skin Therapy Please Ask
Photon-Therapy Please Ask
Micro Diamond Face Dermabrasion Please Ask
Micro Diamond Body Dermabrasion Please Ask