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International Shifting

Are you looking for some tips or guides for moving from one country to another? Do you want to take all necessary steps, and have a good plan? If your answer is yes, then this article will help you have a peaceful international movement.

Nowadays, shifting to overseas countries is very common among people, some move for love, family and some for job opportunities. But moving to a foreign country is never an easy task, there could be various challenges that you may have to face while moving to another land.

But if you plan things beforehand and properly organize the moving process then you’ll be able to minimize the complications and your nightmare can convert into a good dream.

At Totally Repair, we have a team of experts who assist you well on how to have hassle free packaging and movement from one country to another. International plans do require a lot of careful planning.

Here is a Checklist For International Shifting To Make Sure Your Easy Transition to a New Country:-


  • Plan Early – Good preparation is the key to convert a hectic international move into a grand success. When it comes to planning you should start as early as possible. Make a proper plan of action by sitting and discussing with your family and start acting. You should also research your destination beforehand to get a better understanding of their laws, culture, and customs.
  • Be Prepared – With all the dates and necessities in mind, be well planned of how and when you would want to relocate. Start planning on how to transfer your personal belongings along with the official onwes. It is important that you have accommodation, food, and emergency contacts before you shift to the new location. Creating a checklist along with timelines can help you fasten the process of shifting.
  • Create a List of Important/Required Documents – There are a lot of important and official documents that are required for an international relocation. Make sure all your official documents are with you and also ensure that your family member’s documents are also in place. Another way is to take suggestions/consult an immigration professional. They will help you in understanding immigration laws and they can make sure that you have everything you require to relocate to another country lawfully.
  • Know Your Stuff – If you are relocating you must know how stuff to pack. Only the necessary things should be considered, it is advisable that you declutter the necessary things that you do not require. You can also donate the things which you no longer need. Engaging with Totally repair can help to make your moving process easy and affordable.
  • Vaccinations – After the recent pandemic COVID-19 hits all over the world, international relocation got affected adversely. You should be careful while traveling to a foreign land as people who travel internationally could be exposed to a variety of health risks and diseases. You should consult a health specialist to get recommendations on important vaccinations before transit. There are some vaccinations that require a specific amount of time to become effective in your body, so get an early start. Few recommended vaccines to get for traveling abroad are-
    • Covid-19 vaccine
    • Hepatitis A vaccine
    • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Learn Local Language – Communication plays a vital role for people intending to live and work overseas. Without knowing the local language, a person may get into a worst situation while making connections with local people in a foreign land. If you can speak with local people, then you will feel more confident and settled in a new location. So, you should enroll yourself into an institution to learn the local language of the country that you are planning to shift to.
  • Healthcare Options – Healthcare facilities may differ in every country, and your healthcare insurance policy may not work in foreign country, so make sure of getting international health insurance or the insurance policy that is accepted in the country that you are planning to relocate to.
  • Accommodation – Accommodation is one of the important things if you are planning to move from one place to another. Getting a good accommodation from a different country is a very tough task. But there are consultants and realtors who can help you in getting a place which is best fit for your requirements. These professional people are familiar with the laws and real estate market so they will be of great help in searching for a good place to stay.
  • Look for the Best International Moving Companies – Shifting to a foreign land is a very complicated process when it comes to moving your household goods, as it requires extra time and permits. So to make this task easier there are various international moving companies that can make you worry- free. Before making any reservations for international movers and packers, you should do some research on your own to know about the services involved and charges for the transit. If you get the right international movers and packers, then you can cope with the hustle and stress coming your way.
  • Make a List of Belongings for Shipping – There could be a lot of belongings that you may want to take to your new location. So for this you should create a list of all the belongings and let the professional movers take care of them. They will pack your belongings and also professional packing minimizes the risk of any damage to the items and also it will avoid delays and any complications during the custom clearance process.
  • Transportation – If you are moving to a new country then transportation is also very important, you should know that your new place is accessible by public transport or do you need to make arrangements on your own for the transportation. If you are planning of renting, or buying a new car then you need an International driving license and also you should be aware of the transport laws to drive on the road,
  • Arrangement of Bank and Network Providers – Before shifting to a new country you should take care of the funds and also inform your bank and credit card company about your transit, and get an international credit card to avoid any kind of foreign transaction fees. You should also do some research on your own to gain knowledge about the banks present in the new country that you are shifting to. Now you can apply for a new account online so make sure to start the paperwork beforehand. You should also check with your current network provider, if they provide service in your new country at affordable prices. If not, then you can purchase a new SIM card from the local carrier after your arrival and replace it with the current SIM card to make local calls with ease.

Hopefully, by now you have understood that relocating overseas is more tough in comparison to relocation within the state. We have already discussed some of the best practices which can help you have a smooth international relocation. Before you relocate, make sure that you have enough people in your contact to help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I connect with a moving company in order to know about the process of shifting things?

While planning to move overseas, you need to plan your shifting and moving of things properly. This would reduce the anxiety before you arrive at your destination. It is always better that you call the packers and movers company months prior and explain to them their wants and needs clearly.

Q. What are the different things that I need to share with the relocation company?

You should tell your needs and how you want to move things smoothly. Fix an appointment with the experts present there, tell them how many things you have. They also might visit your home in order to check things.

Q. What are the various items which cannot be shipped overseas?

All types of hazardous materials and inflammable items such as gas canisters, aerosol cans, and firearms, cannot be shipped. Also, you cannot shift destructive materials such as wood, brick, cement, etc, along with your household items.

Q. How do I track my courier and packages once shipped?

Once the items are shipped, our team will constantly be in contact. We will also be sharing the tracking order number, so that it’s easy for you to track the packages. Our team of experts will be constantly helping you until you get the packages.

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