Easy Checklist To Help In Shifting While Moving Into A New House

Moving Into A New House

Shifting to a new house is exciting as well as a stressful task. There are a lot of things that you need to do before moving to a new house. Shifting is not a single person task, you need people to help you out in transit.

If you are planning to shift or are in the process of moving, then we are here with this comprehensive guide to make sure that you’ve covered all the basics.

Here is a List of the Things To Do Before/While Moving –

  • Visit Your New Home – It is advisable to visit your new home before moving in. An empty house will give you an idea about how and where your belongings will fit in and how much space is there in your new house. Also, you can cross check if all the terms mentioned in the contract are fulfilled or not. It’ll also help you in noting down the things that need repair/replace before moving.
  • Recruit Packers and Movers – If you don’t want your hands to get dirty, you can appoint a professional movers and packers. They will pack your items with professional taping which will minimize the risk of any damage and they’ll load your belongings into their trunk and will shift to your new place. They are the people who will make your shifting stress-free.

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  • Precaution For Kids – If you are shifting with kids, then you need to take extra precautions because there is a lot of hassle and there are items which can hurt them. You need to take care of the sharp edges, heavy items, broken things and boxes. You need to keep an eye to make sure that scissors and paper cutters are away from their reach,
  • Labeling of Boxes – Once your packing is done, it is important to label all the boxes because after you’ll reach your new place then on your first day you don’t need to open all the boxes to find important things. For example, if the kitchen is the first thing that you want to set up then you will open only the box which has a label of kitchen appliances instead of all the boxes.
  • Utilities – This is one of the important things that you need to do while shifting to a new house. You probably don’t want to worry about the water supply or electricity supply on your first day, so to make sure you need to set up your utilities including water supply, electricity ,gas etc beforehand. Keeping in mind that these things require appointments, and also there are companies which take care of all these things, so it is advisable to make all the booking before time.
  • Set up Connectivity – Nowadays entertainment is an integral part of our life, so it is important to set up the wifi connection and cable network after you shift to a new place. You need to book an appointment and get the above mentioned things done on the first day of your arrival to your new home.
  • Reach Out to Insurance Company – If you have home insurance, then you need to contact your insurance provider company to notify them about your transit. Also, you need to check with them if your current plan is covering your new house or do you need to update the plan.
  • Get Rid of Extra Items – Once you’ll start with your moving process you’ll find a lot of your belongings which are of no use now. These items will occupy extra space in your new home, so now it is time to get rid of these items. If the items are in good condition and are not damaged then you can donate them to needy people and also if you want to make money out of those items, you can also sell them. There are plenty of websites through which you can sell your old household goods at a good price.
  • Change Address – You’ll need to visit your bank and credit card company to change the address for all types of communication. You also need to update your family and friends about your new address and also if you are in a service profession then it is important to update the address in the company’s portal.
  • Organize Important Documents – There are high chances of losing documents and papers during shifting from one place to another. So to avoid such circumstances, label and organize documents like birth certificates, marksheets, bills, medical records etc. into a folder and then pack them into a box. This will save you from stress later on whenever these documents will be required.
  • Change Security Locks – Security is one of the main things that should be taken care of while moving to a new house. You will need to change the old security locks to new ones because the old tenants or homeowner might have access to old locks and you probably don’t want anyone to just enter your home without your consent.
  • Update Government Documents – You need to update all the government documents like driving license, passport etc. which have your old address mentioned on it. You’ll need to visit a nearby government office and ask them to update those documents with a new address by providing the proof, the proof could be a renter/buyer contract which has your name mentioned on it.
  • Make a List of Required Items – Once you reach your new home, there are plenty of things which are not available and need to be purchased. So make sure you make a list of all those items before going to market and don’t miss out on anything.
  • Explore the Neighborhood – After you reach your new place, now it is time to explore the neighborhood and see nearby places like restaurants, parks and shops. You need to ask your neighbors for suggestions on nearby places and go to places for your family. There are also various social channels to connect with the neighbors.

How Can Totally Repair Help You?

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