Move Your Gym Equipment’s in An Easy Way

Move your gym equipments

The word “shifting” can only create a pressure on you. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Be it kitchen shifting, gym shifting or moving things from one place to another, our team is ready to help you at every step. Home shifting brings in a lot of responsibility. Packaging and disassembling without guidance can be riskful sometimes.

Shifting a gym from one place to another place is a very tough and challenging task, as you have to deal with odd shaped and heavy equipment. Also, while moving a gym you have to face various logistical difficulties, but don’t worry we’re here with some guidelines which will help you in the transit.

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Here are Few Points Which Will Make the Gym Moving Task Easy For You –


  1. Make a Detailed List – Before starting with shifting, counting and making a list of all equipment is the first task. You should count the number of equipment available in the gym and make a detailed list of each equipment. A gym has a lot of small and big size equipment like yoga mats, dumbbells, barbells, weights, rods etc and if you don’t want to lose any one of them, then you should have a list of these equipment along with their count.
  2. Sanitize All Equipment – A gym is a place where people come to sweat, and many people touch the same equipment so there are chances that every gym equipment has a lot of bacterias and germs, so this is one of the major tasks before shifting a gym. Once you are done with the list, start cleaning or sanitizing all small and big size equipment, because you don’t want any kind of bacteria or germ in your new place. To do so, sanitization is very important.
  3. Organize and Prepare – Once sanitization is done, you should start with organizing all the gym equipment. This should be done in such a way that all the small size equipment which can be packed in a box are kept at one place and others which are hard to pack are kept at one place. This will make your task easy as you know in advance how many boxes are required for packing and you can pack them with ease and avoid the chance of losing any small equipment.
  4. Look For Packer and Mover – Shifting a gym is a very challenging task, so it is advisable to hire a mover and packer company which specializes in gym transit. You have to do some research on your own to find a good mover company, you need to ask them about the price and services they are going to provide, you need to be careful while having a discussion about the price as there are many equipment which are heavy in weight and need special precaution from any kind of damage.
  5. Make Equipment Compact – There are many equipment in a gym which are big in size and therefore tough to shift like- treadmill, ellipticals, stationary bikes, weight machines etc. In order to achieve this, you need to dismantle those equipment and make them compact. Once you are able to find a way to make them compact then moving them becomes easy.
  6. Moving a Treadmill – If you don’t know how to prepare a treadmill for a move, then moving it from one place to another is gonna be a very tedious task. You need to read the user manual thoroughly and follow the actions written on it like- unplug the treadmill, remove the safety key, fold up the walking deck and remove the front roller etc. You also need to make sure to remove all the detachable items from it, so that it’ll be easy to move.
  7. Packing Weights and Dumbbells – A gym has multiple pairs of weighted plates and dumbbells.So in order to shift them from one place to another, you need a strong box with a good base. It is advisable to use multiple boxes instead of using a big single box to pack them, as there are chances that a single box would not be able to handle all the weight and might get damaged during the transit and it could also result in injury, so you need to take extra precaution while packing those weighted items.
  8. Moving Stationary Bikes – Stationary bikes come under heavy gym equipment, so it is very challenging to shift it from one place to another. There are few tips that you can use while moving the bikes – unplug it from the wall, remove safety key, remove pedals, remove the seat, remove handle and remove any detachable item and pack those items in one box.
  9. Moving Weight Machines – This is also a heavy gym equipment, so in order to make this compact, here are few tips that you need to follow- unplug the machine, remove the safety key, remove weighted plates if any, remove the seat, and remove items which are detachable and pack them in one box.

Final Prep

Moving your gym equipment from one place to another could be a injurious task, but you need not worry we have got you covered. Our team of experts will help you to have a hassle free movement of your equipment. You can plan your movement accordingly and contact our team of packers and movers. They will help you get the quotation and also plan your safe packaging.

It’s advisable that you hire moving packages and not risk your own move. However, planning prior a month helps both the parties to have proper planning. We follow necessary guidelines and ensure that no one is injured or the products are not damaged. In this journey of shifting totally repair packers and movers team are there with you to assist.

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