Tips For Maintenance Your AC & Taking Care of Electricity Consumption

Maintenance Your AC

With the passage of time, it has become practically impossible to spend a hot summer day without an air-conditioner. In fact, we have become so accustomed to this electronic device’s cooling effect, that nothing seems more disappointing than not using it when the sun is at its worst.

Air- conditioners have become the go-to solution to escape the heat nowadays. This is also because of the reason that these machines have gradually become cost efficient too. However, the one thing that we have no control over is the amount of power that is being consumed and getting converted to the amount that you have to spend on bills.

As they say, using AC installation services and getting an AC installed is easy. It’s the bills and maintenance that come later which sometimes are a bother. This is why we think it is important that you have an idea to cut down the energy consumption for cooling your place. Not just for the environment, it will also be great for your finances as well.

Kinds of Air-Conditioner Systems

Selecting the most suitable kind of AC is critical as it can save you from bearing unnecessary costs. There are a few options of AC systems that are available for you to choose from for your home, and we will try to help you make an educated choice.

Window AC

They are the most basic kind of air conditioners, and are easy to install through the window. The electricity consumption of window AC units is comparatively much lower to other kinds of AC systems. In terms of efficiency, there might be a lot of variants, so the final call is on you.

Split AC

Split AC systems are the most common, and are present in almost every household with an AC. They are powerful enough to cool a whole house, and have an indoor as well as an outdoor unit. As a result, the AC repair services and maintenance cost a lot more than window AC systems.
These AC’s also have ‘multi-split’ or ‘multi head’ systems, with multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. With such a system, you can cool multiple rooms in the house simultaneously, providing more ease and comfort, but leading to an increased energy consumption as well.

Duct AC

For homes, this is supposedly the most efficient AC option. Also known by the term central air-conditioning, the system has a fan coil built internally in the roof, which is then connected to different rooms through ducts.

Advantages of Efficient Air Conditioners

Thanks to better technologies, AC systems have become more efficient with time. Here are some of the benefits that come with the installation of efficient air conditioners –

  • Better Performance – Energy efficient AC’s are more feature loaded, where some models can operate perfectly at even a 25% of capacity, without letting your home heat up.
  • Better Life – Because of an increased efficiency, there will be less wear and tear with time. And because their performance will be amazing, there will be no need to get your existing system replaced.
  • Better Electricity Bills – The more efficient the system, the more electricity costs you will save through the life of your system. The latest AC models can reduce the energy consumption by about 20-25%
  • Silent and Sleek Cooling – All the energy efficient AC systems are especially designed to work silently with less noise and fit in with the layout of the house. When you choose the best AC system, you are ultimately improving the quality of your indoor air.

Minimizing The Consumption of Electricity from Air Conditioner

Apart from the brand which you buy, how you use your AC system is also very important. Here are a few tips through which you can minimize electricity consumption from your AC –

  • Switch off the bulbs and lights in the room as they give out heat, making the AC take a little more time to cool up your room.
  • Always try to turn off your AC after the room is cooled sufficiently.
  • Ensure that the AC temperature matches the temperature outside.
  • Switch on the ceiling fan after AC cooling, as it will help in circulating the cool air.

Air conditioners have become a very important part of our lives, undoubtedly. But, because these systems involve a large sum of money, and also the maintenance and bills later on, it is critical to choose the best one as per the needs. Make a wise choice, and then you can definitely enjoy with your AC cooling for sure.

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