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With the heat of the summer making us sweat already so far, we can only imagine how difficult it will be to manage with this heat, once the sun burns us all up. Clearly, it will not be all cool and pleasant for sure!

Most of the households today avail professional AC installation services to get air conditioners at their places to fight the dry summer heat. While some homes have one AC in the house, families with more financial stability tend to have an AC in every room. Whatever may be the reason, AC’s have become an integral part of summers.

But, air-conditioners are machines. And, like every other electronic machine or equipment, AC’s too, become faulty  or broken down. Never a pleasant sight to see, given the hot summer heat. However, with proper cleaning and constant maintenance, you can always ensure that your AC device is in top-notch condition every time when you need to use it.

Here are a couple of important things to make sure that your AC is in a great condition- 

1. Safety of the Furnace

It is very very important to be aware that during the maintenance or repair of your HVAC system, a carbon monoxide system can prove to be a huge problem, which is very dangerous for the human body. HVAC systems, if not maintained properly, lead to the leakage of this carbon monoxide gas.

Carbon monoxide leakage could happen due to reasons like improper maintenance of the HVAC system, or the whole HVAC system has become damaged. You can ensure added safety by getting a carbon monoxide detector installed right beside your furnace.

Moreover, if it comes that you need to get your AC furnace repaired, ensure that you have switched off the system and follow manufacturer’s instructions or guidelines.

2. AC Safety

For basic AC maintenance, ensure that your AC is switched off before you take to any repair work. If the problem is something electrical in nature, it is always best to call up the best AC repair service to take care of the problem. Make no mistake, AC are complicated machines, and the best knowledge of them will always lie with licensed professionals.

You might keep thinking that keeping a regular maintenance for AC is a little too expensive, but it’s perfect to ensure a long life for your AC.

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How to Protect Yourself From AC

Being an electrical equipment, there can be countless things that could go wrong while you decide to clean your AC on your own.

Here are some more precautions that will help you not to clean your AC nicely, but also keep you safe and sound, as well as protect your AC from damage as well- 

  1. Make sure you turn off the power switch of your AC. This will help you eliminate the chances of getting an electric shock completely. To add to it, chances of a short circuit too, will become zero.
  2. Never try to use unrequired force or pressure on your AC. This can do more harm than good, as it can damage the internal parts of the AC. There are a number of soft elements in an AC, and putting too much pressure can become a huge problem.
  3. While helping the AC get rid of dirt and dust, keep in mind to not use any hard part for cleaning purposes. Preferably, use a soft brush that can sweep the dirt from your AC unit without any hassle and fuss.
  4. If you wish to clean some inner parts of the AC, opening every single part might not be a wise idea, as reassembling some of these parts require specific skills and knowledge related to ACs. You can always use a water pipe/hose to clean the innards of your air conditioner, as this will save time but also prevent unnecessary damage.
  5. Try to never use an extension cord to power your AC, as they tend to get heated after a long time of use.
  6. Ensure that AC professionals come and inspect your HVAC system at least once in a year.
  7. Change air filters at regular intervals as this will help keep your system clean and also reduce the overall strain on the system.

So yes, you can definitely take proper care of your AC unit, but only upto a certain extent. Proper maintenance will keep you in the state of cleaning and everything on your own, but it is best that you have your unit inspected at regular intervals by professionals so that timely action can be taken care of in case there is some complex problem in store some time later.

How To Clean Your AC

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