Important Guidelines To Give Your Air Conditioning A Long Life

AC Repair

When it is about air conditioners and their maintenance, one thing is simple- if you are good to the device, the device shall be good to you as well. It is not very uncommon to hear where air conditioners have been known to extend beyond their average expected life. It is important to note that these extended system lifespans too, have their own set of setbacks.

As your equipment continues to work and continue giving some great service, HVAC technology as a bundle is always under development. By the time you decide to replace it, the difference between your system and the trending system will be far too significant than you would expect.

And Then Some Questions Pop Up in Your Mind

  • How Should I Take Care Of My Air Conditioner?
  • What Will Happen If The AC Is Not Serviced?

Here are a few very important guidelines, and answers to questions that will extend the life of your AC system  –

  1. Keep A Check And Follow On The Servicing – Perhaps the biggest question about AC maintenance is – is it necessary to service AC every year?
    It’s not just necessary, but it should be a mandatory practice. In fact, just a single service in a year might not be good enough. Yes, the overall maintenance cost is not too much, but it is best to schedule a minimum of two service tune ups in a year when it comes to your AC system. With timely servicing, you will be in for an increased efficiency, and also an advance solution to any problem that might have occurred in case you would not have gone for a timely service.
  2. Keep Changing The Filter At Regular Intervals – When you service your AC regularly, the servicemen will take care of looking in at the filter. However, you can also take care and ensure that the filter is in top condition on your own. Keep it simple – if the filters are dirty, you need to replace them, even if you have to change them ahead of the schedule.
  3. Keep Checking the Condenser – If you have an AC system at your place, there will also be a condenser system that stands up to the elements. This condenser however, can become damaged due to all the dust, and other sort of debris that may keep going into it.
    Ensure that you clear out the surrounding leaves and weeds as well to protect the condenser. It is very important to keep the condenser breathing as well.
  4. Ensure You Get A Smart Thermostat – As we said in the beginning, things are developing pretty quickly in technology, and smart thermostats are resultant of that. They are very, very easy to control and also program from anywhere by your everyday tablet or smartphone.
    In fact, there are some smart thermostat models that can automatically predict your AC usage pattern to make adjustments in terms of energy saving too.
    With ease in management of thermostat settings, you use your system less, and it will surely make your system last longer.

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Other than the specific precautions which we mentioned above, you can try to use your ceiling fans during the hot weather. Reflective window panes too, help reduce the heat in homes and bring a cooling effect.
We have no idea what the future has in store, and this is why it can be a little tricky to establish a balance in both, ensuring a long life of your AC system and also keeping the maintenance costs in check. Keep the above guideline in mind, and you will be just fine.

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