Save Electricity Bill with Effective Air Conditioners

As the summers are approaching with the hot and humid weather, living too gets uncomfortable, hot and sweaty. Surviving in the hot, scorching summers isn’t easy. Thank god that our homes are fully air-conditioned with effective and efficient air conditioners.

But using an air conditioner all the time can increase your electricity bill at a rapid rate. Your energy bill can just soar like the outside temperature. However, there are some effective and simple tips that will help in saving your electricity bill and keep you even cool in the scorching summers.


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  1. Switch Off the AC at Night To Save While You Sleep – This cash sparing tip is as clear as night and day! Keep your AC on during the day, and off around evening time. The thinking is basic. Clearly, the nights are normally cooler, so you can exploit that by killing the cooling and opening a window. You may even get a delicate breeze to chill things off. If there is a good breeze, open windows or entryways on the two sides of your home to permit it to move through.
    Also, for a happy and comfortable sleep, your body basically needn’t bother with your forced-air system to have at a similar fever as it does during the day. In this way, with your climate control system off, you can appreciate some nighttime energy saving with sweet dreams.
  2. Make Your Home More Shade – Friendly – Shade, shade, shade. Anyway, you can get it, grab it, and it will help in making your home stay cooler. If your home is cooler already, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work that hard. This will automatically reduce the electricity bill. You can close windows with curtains, blinds, and drapes to maintain a cool temperature inside your home. You can even keep some indoor plants in your home as they help in keeping the home cool and even circulating the airflow.
  3. Use Thermostats and Timers – If you want to keep a check on your energy consumption and also reduce your electricity bill then, every degree matters. One of the most energy-efficient things to do is to set your thermostat at a temperature that doesn’t exhaust your bill and even cools your room temperature. It’s preferred and advised that you should keep your AC at a temperature between 22-25 degrees Celsius. With every little degree Celsius, you will be saving your energy bill. Set a timer with hours of operation so that your AC doesn’t keep working all night long. Your AC even senses the system and compressor switches On and Off according to the room temperature.
  4. Turn Off Heat Emitting Appliances – Your television, your PC, your printer, your microwave, etc. generate a lot of heat in the room which forces your AC to work hard in order to keep the temperature in control. If you are not using these home appliances, you can switch them off so that they don’t generate any heat. If no heat will be generated then, your AC doesn’t have to work hard to keep the room cold.
  5. Keep It Clean To Keep The Costs Down – One more amazing tip for reducing your air conditioning bill over summer is to ensure your air conditioning unit is regularly serviced and maintained and that the filter is cleaned or replaced in order to maintain ideal efficiency. With a dirty filter, your air conditioner has to work harder which means more electricity bills.
  6. Reduce Humidity – A room having an excess of humidity, makes you feel very uncomfortable. In order to remove humidity, your room needs natural ventilation. For this, you should open the room at least for an hour every day for the air to circulate. The cross ventilation helps in reducing the humidity of the room. You can even use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity this will also reduce the burden on your AC. If there is no humidity your Ac’s thermostat will function at a standard level.
  7. Maintaining the Ducts And Vents – Ac is the appliance that is used the most in summers, that’s why it’s advisable for you to ensure that they are properly cleaned and insulated. Any kind of breakage or leakage in the vents and ducts will decrease their efficiency of cooling. This will put pressure on the compressor which will increase the electricity. It’s better than yearly you get a check done and before the summers begin to get your Ac serviced. You can repair a dump or leak in the duct using a duct tape temporarily but for a longer run, the holes and leak need professional fixing. If you find any leakages, it’s better that you get it fixed for better cooling.
  8. Energy Efficiency Stars – When you are buying an air conditioner, not only should you check the air conditioner prices but even check the energy efficiency stars it has. The more the stars, the more energy is saved.