Common Myths on Care and Use of Air Conditioner

Air conditioner

Air conditioner, this is the one home appliance that comes to work in all weathers be it summer, winter, spring or autumn. It is in its multi-functionality that adds such worth to it, thus making it an ever wannabe home machine. As maintenance is crucial to keeping the home appliances in good condition, this is no exception to ACs. It takes not much but timely care like totally repair providers on your call for keeping your air conditioner on work, though there are some myths regarding the care of ACs that you need to beware of.

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♦ Getting your air conditioner serviced is a waste of time and money.


♦ Your home machine needs a breathe too. Proper maintenance at times keep your machine clean and saves it from developing problems over its repeated use. You can guess how much it may cost you calling in an emergency a home appliances repair in Gurgaon.


Turn AC off, or set the thermostat a bit high on leaving home then down it on back home.


♦ These are misconceptions. When you off the AC on laving home, it makes the home warmer that the AC has to make cool expending its resources for long. On thermostat setting down on leaving home, the AC has to run long too, to make cool, as it runs at one speed.


♦ Cheaper to leave the thermostat on equal temperature all day, irrespective you are not home.


Absolutely untrue. Let the home warm then cool it again will not come feasible on the thermostat, besides putting the thermostat on equal temperature will also put its unit at rest for no energy to use as the temperature is stable.


♦ The Bigger air conditioner will be the cooler.


♦ ACs dehumidify the air along with cooling it so to save the home environment from getting clammy and keeping it cool as well as healthy. A big machine does not matter but a fit for your home area. The proper sized ACs may run a bit long but feels inmates comfort and consumes less electricity too.


♦  Keeping the ceiling fan on saves running of an Air Conditioner.

  The ceiling fan doesn’t cool air that is the basic difference between Air Conditioner and ceiling fan. Means ceiling fan cannot replace AC so keep ceiling fan off when you don’t need to use it, or you are not home.


Using air conditioner sensibly is the right way, for that setting thermostat reasonably along with ensuring your home doors and windows draft-free are crucial. You can also cover windows for heating your room and program thermostat or raise its temperature a bit on a laving home. Or visit Air Conditioner Repair @ Totally Repair