The 11 Things You Must Do Before Relocating to a New Commercial Space

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Consider that you are going to shift and relocate your office to a new locality in Bangalore city. Finding the right service provider or commercial relocation services to move your products safelycan is challenging.

Additionally, you must ensure that your valuable time is rightly managed as well as given priorities to gain some knowledge on the parts of safe and sound packing, management of human resources, and also receiving the quotations from at least two or three relocation services or agencies in Bangalore.

But besides all being mentioned, the key difficulty is to shift all your goods and commodities securely and sound to the source (new) location. But no worries, we can cross out all these hurdles in a hassle-free manner using some tips and suggestions as presented in the following pointers.

11 Tips To An Effective Office Relocation Procedure

Now, these are the 11 key points are the important onesthat you must concentrate on if you are planning to relocate your office to a new region; this applies to all domestic regions and not just limited to Bangalore city.

Just before reading those suggestions, keep in mind that you need to fix your budget beforehand for the service. You cannot search for premium brands first with a low budget and on the other hand, you cannot deny a quality service that comes with a price. So, make sure you get quotes from a minimum of four companies, as well as decide on the investment to be spent for the same.

With no further delay, let us proceed into the article section offering useful tips for relocating an office to a new place.

1. Sort out Your Items:

Make the complete procedure of office shifting a breeze using the method of product segregation. This is nothing but dividing and labelling your goods and commodities as ‘to be used’ and ‘to be disposed of’. The reason for doing this is that it helps the professionals pack and load only the usable ones and also cuts down your cost of packing everything.

2. Inform all the Stakeholders:

All the SBU (strategic business units), department heads, team leaders, vice presidents, senior-level executives, managers, quality analysts, and related higher-level designated employees, must be informed prior regarding the moving; they must also be promptly notified and updated on all the aspects of office shifting too.

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3. Identify Your Tasks:

Always go for role delegation and task priority, so that the important works can be finished first and the later stage ones can be completed with ease and time. It is crucial to divide and provide the responsibility with members during a busy schedule period like your office relocation.

4. Hire only Right Vendors:

At all cost, avoid packing and shifting your office products all by yourself. You will not be assured of the safety of the employees and also of the durability of the products. Hire experienced authentic, well-reputable brands online for home relocation and they will aid you in moving your office swiftly and safely.

5. Arrange relevant Insurance:

None of us can predict damage or accidents that could happen from the relocation processes. So, cover your office essentials with a suitable product insurance scheme. This way, even if there is an unforeseen incident, your goods would be financially claimable.

6. Dismantle Cords & Cables:

Keep in mind that while you are moving electronics and electrical appliances such as telephones, printers, scanners, fax machines, PCs, and related electronic devices, you must first disconnect all the cables and wires from the devices/gadgets. This is for the safety and security of the office and its people during the relocation.

7. Prepare a Clear Checklist:

A few corners and spaces of your office require special attention during shifting and can be tedious if not properly planned beforehand. These include areas such as your work stations, parking slots, automated generators, surveillance rooms, mess or cafeterias, and other such amenities. Hence, prepare a checklist on how to move the same.

8. Delegate the Moving Responsibilities:

By hiring one of the best packers and movers in Bangalore or your respective city, you can actually offer responsibility for each professional relevantly for shifting the products efficiently without room for error. Dividing the works with your specialists also helps to save time and gives you space to concentrate on any other important task (s).

9. Communicate Plans Internally:

Sometimes, your office relocation can demand new task roles and give rise to brand new services within the office premises. Ensure that you communicate the same to all your employees and managers before even starting the shifting so that you can get their relevant consent for moving the office.

10. Go for Backups:

Again, as stated before, no expert can promise a 100% sure safe and sound products shifting. So, you must create a few backup plans if failed in some instance of office moving. You can also stay assured of the quality of the service with a proper backup plan for the shifting.

11. Click multiple Photographs:

Take sufficient copies of photos of your new office, before the shift and also after the products are moved to the new location. You can use these photocopies for comparing it anytime in the near future as well as negotiate the rights if at times of any physical commercial space damage.


The Conclusion

Moving an existing office, its employees, and products are not easy and prerequisites strong expertise. By hiring the right sort of vendors, you can indeed reduce this stress, as they will promise you a quality-controlled, safe moving experience.

You also have your own responsibilities of dividing the usable products, creating a sketch for the procedures, interacting with your teams regarding the move, and also delegating the roles and responsibilities within your office mates.

As a gentle reminder, you must fix your budget primarily before anything else and then get the price quotes from 4 or 5 moving companies online.

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