Wash Clothes in an Efficient Way With Washing Machine

A washing machine is one of the most economical home appliances that are used in every home to clean the clothes. Cleaning clothes get better, time saving and effortless with the help of a machine. You have to do nothing just place your dirty laundry in the machine, put detergent, hit some buttons and your clothes will be all neat and clean. Though machines are readily available still, some people prefer washing clothes with their hands.

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Things to Keep in Mind for Efficient Washing of Clothes

  1. Don’t Overuse Your Dryer – If you have time to do air dry then do it. Not only does the energy gets saved by dryer but even it is gentle for washing clothes like yoga pants and lingerie. Whenever you do tub dry, don’t overload the dryer, or even over-dry fabrics. Just after drying, hang them or fold them immediately so that you prevent wrinkles.
  2. Don’t Put Detergent Directly Onto Your Clothes – In all honesty, there’s a good and bad approach to load the best top load washing machine. The best way to do is by placing the laundry first then adding water and then adding detergent. Ensure the detergent that you are using is best fitted with your type of washing machine, n order to give you the best washing results. If you are using bleach or starch, try to add the water first with bleach/ starch and then the clothes.
  3. Don’t Wash Your Clothes With Socks – Do you always stack up against your socks and then end up losing one every time? Well, there is away! You can place socks first and wash all the socks. If the tub is still empty, you can add other little garments. This will not only finish the washing soon but will also provide an efficient wash insufficient time.
  4. Don’t Leave the Zippers of Your Lowers Open – Loose or open zippers can snag delicate clothing, as well as scratch the doors of your washing machines, Therefore, make sure they’re all the way up before you throw them in the machine. Also, unclipped, untangled bras can pull off fabrics or even damage the drum if they are around loose. For this, you can Invest in lingerie bags.
  5. Don’t Leave Shirts Buttoned – The zippers should be fastened, but the buttons of the shirts should not be. Washing a button-down shirt that has buttons fastened can damage the buttons and even rip the buttonholes. The cuff and collar buttons too can get damaged because of this so, make sure you don’t do this.
  6. Don’t Skip Cleaning the Lint Filter and Lint Trap – You should Empty the lint filter after every wash cycle, as the lint buildup can clog the duct and become a fire hazard. It’s advisable that you clean the filter at least once a year. You can easily scrub it off with a toothbrush dipped in detergent than with water rinse it and dry it.
  7. No Over Scrubbing of Stains – If you think removing a stain by simply just scrubbing it again and again with detergent is the best thing then, it isn’t. Moreover, it results in spreading the stain even more on your cloth. Instead of this, gently dab your stain from outside in and inside out. Anyways the earlier you treat the stain, its best to remove. For removing the stain on white or light-coloured clothes, use bleach with detergent in your washing machine for the best results.
  8. Don’t Wash the Clothes That Come with the Label ‘Dry Clean’ Only – If you see that your clothing has a “dry clean” label, then proceed it with caution. There are some items that state they are best for dry-clean but actually don’t require dry clean so it’s better you wash them. Natural fabrics like silk and linen are best if you wash them with hands and then airdry them. Don’t put them in the washing machine, this might affect your garment. But, items like suede, leather or suits and blazers that are expensive, it’s better that you opt for dry-cleaning.

Owning the best top load washing machine is of no use if you don’t wash clothes properly in them. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, not only will it result in better and efficient washing of clothes but will also save your energy and water bills.