Types of Washing Machine: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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In recent times, electronic appliances occupy a major part of your home. Some examples are the refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, and air conditioner. They have become an integral part of any modern home. So, the dishwasher cleans the dishes in a weekday. The microwave oven heats the already cooked food. Refrigerator prevents the prepared food from getting spoiled. And washing machine saves your energy, time on the weekends by clearing the old laundry. Still, there are few houses in India which use the washing machine but want to buy one. Are you one of them? Kindly read the article to know the types of washing machines.

Agreed, every washing machine shares the same task – to wash clothes. You delve deeper – you find that there is a difference between the top load and front load washing machines. You begin to feel the complications. This article will help determine the right type of washing machine to suit your need.

When you have a washing machine, you do not have to do any physical activity. Such as rubbing the cloth with hand to clean the dirt. You need not lose your energy when you squeeze the clothes to wash away the dirty water. For example, if you have hired a maid, you need to supervise her work if she washes the clothes. But in case of a washing machine, you do not have to supervise the operation. The only task for you is to load the clothes into the machine and press or twist the button. Then the washing machine takes in the required amount of water and detergent. It then sets the time for the wash/rinse and drying technique.

First, Let us Look at the Type Which Can Suit Your Kitchen.

Washing machine repair in delhi1. Free Standing

This machine is a common type in this category. The appliance has to get connected to any of the kitchen units. You can place the model anywhere in the kitchen. The only connections needed are a drainpipe and a simple electrical socket.

If you have a large family comprising of ten members, you definitely have a large kitchen. So, there will be a space for washing machine. You can buy the washing machine and put it in the place. But there is one mandatory factor. Space should be enough on every side. You cannot move this washing machine to a corner. And please do not park the appliance next to a table or a microwave oven. There may be vibrations and in case of cramped space, it will spread to the neighbouring unit.

2. Integrated

Have you built a new home? Has your wife remodelled the new home? Then buy the integrated model. The other name is a built-in mechanism, and it can settle behind the cupboard door as part of the kitchen. The washing machine gets hidden. And the kitchen retains its own graceful atmosphere.

The advantage of the integrated design is the reduction in noise. The appliance finds a secure place. The closing of the door also reduces the sound produced. Check the space you have put the washing machine. Sometimes, you need to touch the low spin speed button to reduce the vibration. When you look for an integrated model, it is good as they produce less sound.

Yet, there are other challenges. When compared to free-standing models, the installation is a challenge. If you have to remove them for repair or maintenance, then you face another challenge. To fit into the kitchen, the door needs a proper attachment. The drill holes are also necessary so that the machine stands secure. But with a freestanding model, you can install it in an easy way.

Types of Washing Machine

Now, will we look at the type of washing machines?

washing machine repair in faidabad

1) Top Loading

As the name states, you load the clothes from the top through the cover. The round vessels perform two functions. It washes as well as rinses the clothes. Usually, you find this model in homes having elderly people. The reason – they cannot bend down to load the clothes. As per an estimate, homeowners prefer this machine model all over the globe.

  • Advantages – You can add more clothes even during the process. The duration of the wash is shorter. There will be minimal vibration. There will be no musty odours. The control panel is easy to operate.
  • Disadvantages – If you have a heavy soiled cloth, then the cleaning process will not be as per the standards. You cannot adjust the wash cycle to adjust the cleaning need. Many a time, water will remain in the load even after the spin cycle and the drying time will be more. The top load washers are less efficient. The reason – they use more water when compared to front-load counterparts.

2) Front Load Washing Machine

Different from the model mentioned above. You have to bend down to load the clothes. As per Home improvement experts, these models consume a low amount of water, electric energy, and detergent. When it comes to washing results, this model definitely scores over the other one.

If you go to Europe and the UK, you find that many of the homes use front-loading washing machines. But in the US, it is the opposite. They use 65% for top loading and 35% for front-loading machines.

  • Advantages – The large capacity of this model gives you the option to wash many clothes at a single time. It can also accommodate heavy items. Do you have stained cloth? Then it is possible to use steam with detergent in this model to remove them. It has a high rate of spin speed. So the duration of dry time is very less.
  • Disadvantages –
    • The model has special features. So can put a hole in your wallet.
    • The duration of the cycle will be more.
    • If the ground level is not proper, it will vibrate.
    • As you load the clothes in the front, there are chances of water getting trapped inside. The result will be musty odors in the washtub.
    • If you have a large family, and the number of clothes is aplenty, then this model is the best one.

If you want to differentiate the washing machine according to automatic features, there are two types –

3) Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

The model has separate vessels for the washer as well drier. You get two timers as features that set the wash and dry times. For washing, you need to put clothes in the wash vessel, the quantity of water, detergent and the timer needs to be set. When the washing machine stops, you can remove the clothes, dry them in the sun. There is another way to make them dry. Put them in the dryer vessel and set suitable time.

This model always has the top loading feature. Since it involves manual work, the name.

4) Fully Automatic Machine

In the machine mentioned in the title above, you get the only tub. But it serves many functions as the washer, rinse and drier. As per the weight of clothes loaded, the machine takes the required amount of water, detergent and sets the time automatically for the washing and drying process. As the name specifies, you need to provide the connection of water, detergent in the storage space and put the load. The machine can do the job automatically. This model can have both top-loading and front-loading features.

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We hope that you have garnered sufficient information regarding the type of washing machines from this article. Let us imagine, you already have a washing machine and schedules for repair. Now you are at a fix. To buy a new washing machine or repair the existing one? The fact is, that if the cost of repair for an old appliance is more than that of half of the value of a new washing machine, then it is better to go for the new one.

Shall we take another case study? Let us imagine, you stayed in Pune, Delhi and so no.. for a quarter of a century. You had a washing machine. It got repaired. Even though the warranty was long gone, you took the help of a home maintenance company to find the best washing machine service centre in Pune. Now after five years, you had to make a move and shifted to Hyderabad. The machine fumbles again, and this time also you took the same route. You found the best technician who works with the topmost washing machine service centre in Delhi. You got a call before the scheduled time to check the reason and details of the repair. The concerned technician came to your house at the perfect time, submitted a quotation and after your approval, restored the appliance back to normal.