Six Pre-Bridal Tips To Get A Great And Glowing Skin


So, the day is almost here. If you are soon to be a bride, this is the perfect place to be right now. You have it all ready. Your wardrobe is ready, the wedding planner is finalised, and all you now need to do is look your flawless best on the biggest day of your life.

However, your flawless looks are not, and will not be limited to just bridal make-up and hairstyles. If you truly want to be the perfect bride, you need the perfect skin by the lead up to your wedding. This will need a little more effort and care from your side.

Being prepared for your wedding will require you to step up your normal skincare routine by a considerable extent. After all, a perfect bridal make-up will make the task of your wedding photographer easier, but a regal skin and its natural glow will escalate everything for sure.

If truth be told, you should start preparing your skin well in advance before the wedding. This is because certain skin issues like pigmentation, tanning and dry patches take more time to get completely healed.

Here are some tips that you can follow to get that perfect skin before your wedding 

  1. Begin With Regular Massages – Even Ayurveda has always highlighted the importance of a body massage to take care of skin problems. Massages are a great way for skin nourishment and relaxation.
  2. Keep A Healthy Diet – Everything that you eat gets reflected on your skin. To get that diet right, you can consult your dietician and get a customized diet plan for yourself.
    The first step from your diet would be to cut away your carbs and diet. Avoid the intake of items like chocolates, chips and carbonated drinks as they lead to a flabby skin. Substitute them for a balanced diet that has green veggies, fruits and sufficient protein too.
  3. Start With The Facials Already – If you know that it’s going to be your wedding soon, there is no time to waste in moving ahead with those regular facials. Facials help the skin greatly by providing deep hydration and cleansing which makes your skin better prepared for makeup.
    Starting early with your facial routines will assist you in closing the right salon for your wedding as well. Someone who is aware of your skin will be integral if any issue crops up at the last moment.
  4. Plenty Of Sleep – No amount of bridal makeup will be enough if your skin looks dull on your wedding day. Of course, you will not love those dark circles if they show their presence at the wrong time. This is why it is best that you come into the habit of getting a proper sleep that is not less than 8 to 10 hours a day.
    This is because all the cell regeneration and body tissue creation happens during the time we sleep. Also, a relaxed sleep helps with the reduction of stress as well.
  5. Natural Detox For Skin – As your wedding day approaches, it is best to avoid using the products that have chemical content in them. You can switch to products that are completely natural, which translates into a detox of sorts.
    Gentle exfoliation of your skin is another great way to get rid of all those dead skin cells, making your skin look all refreshed.
  6. Incorporate Yoga In Your Routine – The more you sweat, the more your skin glows, and that is a known fact. Practicing those yoga postures help you gain perspiration, bring your body into shape and even lead to an improvement in the blood circulation.
    Yoga and meditation help a great deal in the reduction of stress and build up a good mental health as well.

These are some of the tips that will be a boon for your skin care routine before you get your own wedding. Bring these tips into effect much before you even decide to hire your wedding planner, and you will be the bride with the most flawless and glowing skin without any doubts.

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