5 Very Simple DIY Treatments To Take Care Of Your Chapped Lips

Having chapped or dry lips is not a new thing for anyone. In fact, lips can get dry at any time of the year. While sometimes lips can get chapped due to excessive cold in the winters, the dry air during summers can also be one of the reasons. Seasons however, are not the only reasons why this happens.

Your lips can also become all dry and flaky due to overexposure in the sun, or some side effects by too much use of certain cosmetic products on your lips or the surrounding skin. Yes, lip balms are a really great solution to take care of chapped lips, but there are a number of home remedies and beauty tips that you can turn to in order to achieve respite and relief from your dry, lifeless lips.

We will help you get the perfect home beauty remedies which can provide your lips with a beautifully soothing experience, without a doubt –

Begin With Lip Exfoliation

The first lip care tip revolves around the removal of dead cells on the lips. When lips get chapped, the skin normally begins to flake and lift. Gentle exfoliation of the lips can remove all dead cells that prohibit the entry of your lip balm to reach and moisturize the new skin growth under all the flakes.

Here is a simple, Home-Based Formula To Make Your Lip Scrub At Home –

  1. Combine an exfoliating agent(sugar or salt) and a softening agent(honey or oil) in a small container or bowl.
  2. Dip a cotton piece into this scrub mixture.
  3. Apply this scrub to your lips with gentle pressure and in a circular motion.
  4. Wipe it all off with a damp cloth.

One your lips are exfoliated, any one of the following 5 remedies will help you to soothe, protect and moisturize your lips:

1. Coconut Oil

Lips have a poor barrier function, which means that unlike the other areas of your skin, lips are much more sensitive to natural elements like wind, sun, cold and heat.
Coconut oil is a superb softening agent for the skin, and in the context of your lips, the oil has an impressive bundle of anti-inflammatory properties.
You can easily apply coconut oil throughout the day whenever you feel like, on your chapped lips.

2. AloeVera

Aloe Vera has a lot of uses and is regarded as one of the best remedies at home for sunburn. The soothing effect and anti-inflammatory properties make aloe vera too, a really good option to take care of chapped lips.
While organic aloe vera can be purchased from the market in a gel form, fresh aloe vera too can work wonderfully well. You can cut the leaf from an aloe vera plant and slice open the leaf to get the gel. Store this gel in the container, and then apply it regularly on your dry lips.

3. Honey

A number of studies have time and again raved about the wound-healing and antimicrobial properties of the good old honey. In fact, honey has been used for centuries as a part of the skin care routine and other health conditions as well.
Honey can prevent your lips from getting cracked and provide them with enough moisturization as well. It is also feasible as a mild exfoliator and helps in the removal of dead skin cells from the lips.

4. Avocado Butter

Quite a few recent researches have shown that avocado butter acts amazingly as an emollient and thickener for lip balms. The butter is not at all greasy and is absorbed nicely by the skin. The presence of numerous fatty acids and antioxidants like linoleic and oleic acids also help matters.
Organic avocado butter from the market or making fresh avocado butter by grinding avocados at home, both work well. Just apply it with your fingers or a piece of cotton to get relief from chapped lips.

5. Petroleum Jelly

Perhaps, the most common remedy to take care of dry and chapped lips is the use of white petroleum jelly all through the day and even before bed to make your lip care just perfect. When compared to oils and waxes, the jelly seals in water in a much better way.
It’s also very easy to find, which makes matter all the more convenient.

To sum it all up, it is important to understand that your lips do not have a lot of natural protection against a number of natural elements that dry them out. With just a little care and assistance of a few DIY lip tips, you can have perfectly smooth and flawless lips all throughout the year!

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