Rose Water : Benefits And How To Use It

Rose Water Benefits

Rose water goes back to the middle ages and originated in the Middle East in Iran. It has been used since ancient times for different types of skin problems. It has been a major factor which has shown significant results in adding glow to the skin. It is used as toners and also in DIY face masks. Because of the health and beauty benefits rose water has been used in different health and beauty products.
Rose water is water infused with the goodness of rose petals. The process of making rose water is very simple, it is made by steaming rose petals in water.

Basics of Rose Water

Before we take a deep dive into the benefits and uses of rose water, let us know the basics that we cannot miss.

  • The pH level of the skin is under control with the daily usage of the rose water.
  • Sebum production is in check with the help of rose water. It plays a major role in checking the production of excess sebum.
  • It is the best solution for hydration and nourishment to the skin. That is why it has been proving best results in the winter.
  • Various skin issues can be healed with the help of rose water. Skin issues such as eczema, acne and dermatitis can be treated with the help of rose water.
  • It acts as a barrier for the skin and helps to protect skin against harmful things in the environment.

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Now, Let us Look at the Amazing Advantages of Rose Water in More Detail.

Benefits of Rose Water

1. Rose Water For Face

Rose water helps maintain the pH level of the skin, it also helps in controlling the excess sebum production, which helps control the excess oil in skin. You can clean your face properly and then spray it on your face or clean your face with rose water dipped cotton.

2. Anti-aging Properties

Several beauty products have started using rose water as one of the ingredients which help prevent the onset of early aging signs such as dark spots, fine lines. The regular usage of rose water can add glow to your skin and make them supple.

3. Treats and Prevents Infections

Rose water has antiseptic properties, it can help you prevent and treat infections. Ayurveda and many natural treatments have been using rose water in their treatment process.

4. Has Antioxidant Properties

Rose water is derived from rose petals, we also have rose oil extraction. It demonstrates high antioxidant properties which help the skin cells to repair from damage. Rose oil also helps to increase cell turnover.

5. Helps Prevent and Treat Infections

There are various proofs that rose water has treated many infections. The antiseptic properties can help you prevent and cure many infections. Since ages, rose water has been included in different experiments of medicinal treatments. It is also found that rose water can help in treating conjunctivitis cases, because of the antiseptic and healing properties present in it.

6. Even Out Your Skin Tone

The skin pigmentation can be reduced with the help of rose water. If you are someone who has uneven skin tone or has dark spots, you can try rose water. It will help you lighten the skin by restoring the pH balance of the skin. It also plays a major role in cleaning the dirt particles and unclogging the pores on your skin.

How can you use the rose water for oily skin or uneven skin? Take some rose water and massage it onto your skin for 3-4 minutes, until it’s absorbed in the skin. Leave itf or 10-20 minutes and then wash your face with the cold water. You can also use rose water with a spoon of lemon and water which can add brightness to your skin.

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Before you apply any of the packs, make sure that you do a patch test. The patch test will ensure that you do not have skin issues while using the pack. If you are someone whose skin is sensitive, you can also consult a dermatologist.

Let’s Know About the Different Ways to Use it.

  • As an After-Shave Lotion – Rose water can be used to reduce the rashes and burns on the legs or hands after shaving. Rose water reduces the redness and inflammation .
  • Refreshing Mist – You can take an empty spray bottle, pour the rose water into it and spray on the face on a hot day. It also helps you to relieve stress by providing soothness.
  • Rose Winter Cream – Winter is coming! Yes you heard it right. You can create natural cream by mixing rose water, almond oil, rose water and rose essential oil.
  • Hair Rinse – Rose acts as a natural conditioner to the hair and helps you revitalize the hair growth. You can also use rose water on the scalp as a pre conditioner before the shampoo. This will help your hair strands grow in a good way.
  • Enhancing Face Mask – Rose water is always the first preference when it comes to replacing water in a home-made mask. It acts like an add-on by providing more nourishment. In a few masks, it acts as a fragrance booster.
  • Makeup Remover – Rose water is one of the best make-up remover that works well on skin without leaving any breakouts or rashes

Some Common FAQs on Rose Water

Q. Can rose water be used daily?
Yes, rose water can be used daily as a natural toner after cleansing the face. You can spray it on your face as face mist.

Q. Is there any definite time of using rose water?
No, one can use rose water as many times, it hydrates the skin and adds natural glow. But it is recommended that you use rose water on clean skin.

Q. Can rose water be used in any DIY face mask?
Yes, any amount of rose water can be mixed with the desired face pack.

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