Curd and Hair – The Perfect Match

Curd & Hair

The months of heat are almost upon us. If you live in this world, that means summers are almost here. And there are a number of things which we try to include in our diet, to stay cool and refreshed- our funda to beat the heat.
Other than a reduction in our food intake, we try to go for more beverages and cooling agents like juices and shakes. When it is about Indian households though, there is one more addition. We know this cooling agent as curd, or dahi.
Curd, dahi, or unsweetened yoghurt as we know it, is an all-round bundle of nutrients like protein, vitamin B5 and calcium, that obviously translates into a lot of health benefits. These amazing benefits however, extend to our hair as well.
Curd not only keeps the scalp hydrated, but also acts as an important ingredient to fight dandruff and combat hair fall naturally. In fact, sour curd for hair has been used in a lot of households for a long time.

Benefits of Curd for Hair

While there are questions every time on a lot of things about how curd can be used to make the most out of it in hair care, here is a look into few of the general benefits that curd offers for hair-

  • Curd Helps In Dandruff Control – The rich protein content and positive antibacterial properties help make curd a very effective dandruff control remedy. Because it is an agent, it can also be combined with another agent to take its goodness to the next level.

Now, there might be a question looming in front of you – How to Apply Curd on Hair for Dandruff?

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The answer is a relatively simple one- lemon juice is acidic in its chemical nature, thereby becoming an effective agent to help in the reduction of dandruff. A mask with both curd and lemon is going to work wonders for your hair as the enzymes and acids are going to be simply wonderful for your hair.

  • Curd Helps in Making the Hair Stronger – Thanks to the presence of Vitamin B and zinc, curd encourages in making the hair grow and become stronger. Curd and egg for hair too, is a really spectacular combination for your hair. Eggs too, are packed with a lot of proteins, giving the perfect nourishment to your scalp and hair.
    Combining both curd and eggs together leads the way to promote your hair strength and growth.
  • Curd Acts As A Natural Conditioner
    With the already mentioned benefits, curd is nothing less than a natural conditioner for your hair, and adding a little honey to make it a hair pack takes this deep conditioning to another level altogether.
    Honey and curd, both provide hair with the perfect amount of moisture, helping your hair become shiny and extremely soft, which makes it easy to manage your hair without too much hassle. This honey and curd mask is simply perfect if you are looking to get a homely deep conditioning treatment for your tresses.
  • Curd Helps In Achieving The Perfect Hair Growth – Curry leaves too, make up an amazing option to blend with curd and help in taking care of hair fall. Curry leaves are a very rich source of proteins and even beta-carotene, that are assistive in reducing and taking care of hair fall.
    Not just this, this curry leaves and curd mask is also rich in a number of antioxidants and amino acids, which give strength to the hair follicles and provide great moisturization to the scalp as well.
    Using these two together will help in the thickening of your hair and also speed up the rate of your hair growth.

Although curd is an absolute boon when it comes to keep hair perfectly moisturized and strong while also enhancing the overall ease in managing them, it is also important to keep in mind that there can be a few curd on hair side effects in store for some individuals as well. Some of these side effects can be –

  • Some allergic reactions, especially if the individual has a milk allergy.
  • A greasy scalp and hair.
  • An unpleasant odor.

It is therefore important to test the skin if it is suitable for hair. A patch test can be very helpful where you can apply some curd on your inner elbow and wait for half an hour to see if any rashes develop there.
If not, you are all good to go!

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