Is COVID Interrupting The Love Birds To Be Hitched?

covid marriage

The outbreak of coronavirus has changed the plan of many Indian couples to postpone or re-plan their marriages, yet many small cities want to go ahead with small family gatherings with just 50 or so people according to the Ministry of Home Affairs guidelines.

With such a simple function, guests could be examined or else wear masks and gloves. In this way social distancing could also be maintained, food could be served without any congestion. Gifts also could be given either at the wedding or via courier services. Many couples are getting married at the borders of the states in red zone areas with police as their special guests because they have no other option due to the seal down in certain States.

While the C-O-V-I-D pandemic has some positive and negative effect of child marriages in the country amid the lockdown.

  • Even though there is a slight decline of child marriage.
  • A lot of complaints of child marriages have been received from various districts and people are conducting child marriages without any fear of law during the lockdown.
  • The huge reason for child marriage in this pandemic situation is the cost behind the wedding arrangements.
  • Many think it is the right time to get their children married in a simple event.

Amid these few NRI’s who were here for their weddings are stuck and are in great fear of losing a job abroad.
In the last few years, a destination wedding in places like Goa, Pondicherry, Udaipur, Rajasthan was quite popular but now all stand cancelled. Yet several wedding planners mention “Our LoveBirds safety is their primary concern“.

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While destination weddings have been a huge loss to wedding planners as they see blank balance sheets and dozens of refunds to make, and many of them are still unsure to tie knots till 18-24 months away, while many international bookings being cancelled they have no option but to pre-book 2 locations for a single couple.
But it’s not practical or advisable to delay a wedding for 2years. Long engagements are difficult for couples. Parents might fall sick or elderly relatives might pass away. They also worry as partial payments have been made and are unsure of getting a refund.
The wedding rituals which usually are included with the venue, flower decoration, cakes, videographer, make-up artist, dress, now have hand sanitizing stations. Florists, lighting companies, caterers vendors are all in a bad position as they work on large volumes with event planners.

Yet great losses are not for the bridal designer but the artisan who works on it and depends on their bread from big designers. This pandemic has greatly hit the small laborers of the wedding industry.

Even the bridal artist has no many appointments, very few are looking for bridal make-up as the new trend now is all about a mask. Thousands of laborers and workers make most of their income during the wedding season… But the coronavirus put a restraint on all of that.
In awareness of the pandemic, couples are getting productive ideas for protecting their guests.

  • Some are opting out Big Fat to a new trend called as virtual marriages.
  • Many couples are making use of technology for online weddings.
  • Dance performance videotaped could be sent for sangeet custom.
  • Weddings could be televised live using many social media platforms.
  • The same feast could be delivered to each guest through trusted delivery partners.

However this is just the beginning, virtual weddings are encouraging many startups and labs to come up with the most advanced technology. Now our big fat Indian wedding will turn into a small virtual Indian wedding in the coming days!!!
While this trend could not be afforded by the lower-middle-class family where they tend to make small arrangements in their home town with just close relatives.
We are all living through the history where couples have sacrificed marriage for the sake of a tremendous cause…….

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