6 Essentials You Should Tell Your Wedding Planner Well in Advance!

Wedding Planner Tips

When it is about taking care of a wedding, seeking out the assistance of a professional wedding planner is the best option to stay relaxed amidst all the wedding chaos. It is a fine option no doubt, but it is also critically important to completely discuss almost everything that is of significance about the wedding, with the wedding planners that you meet.

While looking out for the best wedding planner, it would be great if you have a wedding planner checklist handy, which will ensure that you have answers to all the questions and queries. Because a lot of things need to be taken care of in a wedding, hiring the best set of individuals to take care of things is by no means a bad decision.

But, just a yes to the question- ‘Hiring a wedding planner?’ is not going to be enough. There are a number of things which a wedding planner too should be aware of from your end, when you are in talks to get your wedding handled.

Here are some of those essentials that your wedding planner needs to know before being hired to fulfil your wedding setup requirements –

  1. Availability for Your Wedding Date – Obviously, this is a pretty straightforward essential, but a very important one too. If a wedding planner is unable to take your wedding due to a date clash, then there is no point in any further discussion.
    An answer to this question will decide if you need to look ahead for other wedding planners or take things ahead with the one.
  2. Ask The Planner About Their Experience in Handling Weddings – Your wedding planner should know that you are someone who is aware of how things work in this particular field. Because of this reason, you should go ahead and ask them about the experience they have in organising wedding events, and the kind of scale at which they have this experience in.
    As a wedding planner too, it is their responsibility to tell only about the weddings here, and not take any kind of professional events under consideration.
  3. Give Them An Idea About How Are You Looking To Deal With Vendors – There are different kinds of wedding planners out there in the market. While some of them have fixed tie-ups with their vendors, there are many planners who do not have a problem if they get associated with other vendors as well.
    As a client, you can make it pretty clear if you wish that the planner should work with only the vendors of your choice, or they are free to choose their own vendors as long as the budget and overall quality are not compromised.
  4. Wedding Planners Should Be Aware of The Kind Of Expected Manpower – Like every wedding planner, every client has a different way of approaching weddings too. It is therefore important to tell the wedding planners about what is expected of them in terms of manpower. If the planner is an individual, and you want a team to be present at the wedding, you need to inform them of the same and vice-versa.
    Moreover, it is a good option to tell the planners about how long you wish that they stay with you during the whole course of your wedding.
  5. Budgetary Awareness – Finance is a very important factor for any kind of an event, and weddings are no different in this case. A wedding planner should be aware of the kind of theme and budget that you, as a client, have in mind for yourself.
    For instance, if you have an Indian themed wedding in your mind, you need to give your planner about the budget for everything, from an Indian wedding decoration to Indian food menu as well.
  6. An Idea About Their Availability During the Wedding Events – Obviously, there are a lot of other tasks that a wedding planner might have lined up, apart from your wedding. This is why it’s better to let them know about your decision on the kind of availability that is expected of them during all the pre-wedding and wedding functions.
    If you want them to be there for all the events, inform them prior to the agreement only, and if you want them to only be available for a selected few functions, let them know that too.

To close it all up, just some questions to ask a wedding planner may not be enough. With a lot of discussion, it is obvious that even the wedding planners will have a lot of questions going around in their minds regarding the wedding.
As a client, you need to ensure that they also get answers to all their queries too.

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