Body Scrub, Massage and The Benefits in Store

Body Scrub, Massage

Simply put, a body scrub is essentially a skincare product with the primary motive of getting rid of all the dead cells in the body by exfoliation, and also cleaning the skin, paving way for a much better blood circulation in the body. In a number of cases, a body scrub is also known as the best body exfoliator, body polish, or even body gloss. The main component in the best exfoliators are abrasive enough to secure that shine for the body, but not so hard that it damages the healthy skin as well.

Natural body scrub, or body polish, has a liquid base that has exfoliating granules to remove the dead skin when it is applied and massaged over the body. This action enhances the blood circulation in our body, draining all the lymph nodes by boosting the blood flow on the surface of your skin. Sugar, salt and even walnut shells are powerful exfoliating agents in organic body scrub because they are the perfect amount of abrasive and gentle.

In order to get a smooth, soft and healthy skin, you definitely should make it an essential part of your skincare routine.

What Exactly, Is a Body Scrub Massage?

Body scrub is a very popular body treatment method. In other words, it acts as a facial for the body. A body scrub generally involves the use of something abrasive, like sugar or sea salt in more usual cases. The abrasive element is then mixed with aromatic massage oils to make it a complete wellness package for the skin.

The scrubbing process is then followed by applying a good quality cream or lotion that hydrates your skin. On a little technical term, it is not a simple message because it is more of a beauty treatment, which can only be done by estheticians, who are professionals, licensed to work on the skin.

What Happens During a Body Scrub?

Your body scrub massage will involve a wet room, drain and a tile floor. You will be instructed to lie face-down on the massage table, covered with a towel or sheet. Your therapist will start by rubbing an exfoliant on the back, and will then proceed over to the arms and feet. Then you turn over, and the therapist does the other side.

Once done, you are told to head over to a shower and return. This is when the therapist applies oil or body lotion on your body.

Some Other Important Things To Know

  • There are spas where there is no shower room and they remove the exfoliant with the use of steamed towels.
  • You always have the option to combine body scrub with a massage. Go for a body scrub first, because it is stimulating in nature, and the massage has a calming effect.
  • While some exfoliants tend to be abrasive, the hand of your therapist also is a factor if you feel a little heavy or uncomfortable. In any case if you feel things are a little difficult, you can raise your concern.
  • There are states where there is a license to practice body scrub, and then there are states where it isn’t the case. Requesting a therapist should be your priority option.


Getting the best body exfoliating scrub has a number of benefits in store for you. Here are some of them –

  • Helps in Making the Skin Look Rejuvenated and Fresh – A body scrub removes all the dead skin cells from the body and other impurities as well, resulting in you feeling more fresh and revitalized.
  • Helps in Making the Skin More Youthful – Getting a body scrub massage or using a body scrub in the exfoliation of dead cells, making the skin look more youthful and vibrant.
  • A Number of Moisturizing Benefits – Because body scrubs remove all the dead cells in the skin, the further exfoliation with a body scrub tends to moisturize the skin more, as healthy skin absorbs body moisturizers more easily.
  • Better Self Tanning – The number of people favoring to use self-tanners is on the rise, as they do not want the exposure to sun leading to more complicated problems like skin cancer. Using a good body scrub will help enhance the benefits of self-tanners as well.

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