Top 10 Places to Live in Hyderabad


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  1. Hyderabad’s Banjara Hills
  2. Miyapur
  3. Jubilee-Hills in Hyderabad
  4. Hyderabad’s Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar or SR Nagar
  5. Kondapur
  6. Gachibowli
  7. Manikonda
  8. HIGHEC City
  9. Uppal
  10. Dilsukhnagar

Hyderabad is one of India’s largest metropolitan areas, it is still very simple to discover rentals in it. This blog will give you the top 10 places to live in Hyderabad to end your search for the ideal places to live in Hyderabad.

Since the rise of the information technology industry, Hyderabad has gained popularity across the country, thanks to the presence of numerous multinational corporations there, including Infosys, Microsoft, cognizant, and Genpact.

Do you wish to know some of the top places in Hyderabad? Below is a handpicked & well researched list of Hyderabad’s upscale neighbourhoods to live in 2023 & beyond:

1. Hyderabad’s Banjara Hills

One of Hyderabad’s most desirable and lovely commercial and residential neighbourhoods is Banjara Hills. The best amenities and services in the city are found in this upmarket neighbourhood and urban commercial hub of Hyderabad.

This posh neighbourhood, which is regarded as the city’s economic centre, is next to Jubilee Hills, another well-known neighbourhood. Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills are regarded as the most expensive neighbourhoods in Hyderabad, according to the Economic Times magazine.

One of Hyderabad’s most well-known neighbourhoods, Banjara Hills, is renowned for its luxury hotels, fine dining establishments, and cutting-edge malls. Additionally, the region has excellent infrastructure amenities and facilities.

You will have quick access to facilities including schools, parks, colleges, restaurants, shopping centres, banks, ATMs, and hospitals if you choose to live in this area.

The area is well connected to other areas of the city in terms of connectivity. Banjara Hills is unquestionably a worthy place to live if you want to reside in one of Hyderabad’s posh neighbourhoods.

Famous Spots –

  • Taj Deccan Hotel
  • City Centre
  • Fusion 9
  • Star Hospital
  • Guitar Monk School
  • Jalagam Vengal Rao Park

2. Miyapur

Hyderabad’s Miyapur is a well-known middle-class residential neighbourhood. There are several lovely lakes in the neighbourhood, along with modest homes and posh apartment buildings. Consider relocating to Miyapur if you’re seeking a mid-range housing option with good amenities.

Miyapur is particularly well-liked by single people and families alike because of the accessible housing alternatives. Additionally, this region is a well-liked spot for real estate investment. This location has adequate infrastructure and connectivity. Schools, banks, ATMs, hospitals, restaurants, and other services can be found in abundance here.

Famous Spots –

  • Genesis International School
  • JSR Mall
  • Pranaam Hospitals
  • GSM Mall

3. Jubilee-Hills in Hyderabad

One of Hyderabad’s opulent and elegant residential neighbourhoods, Jubilee Hills is located between the wealthy business district of Banjara Hills and the city’s IT hub, HITEC City. It is regarded as one of India’s priciest commercial and residential regions.

The Telugu film industry’s centre, Film Nagar, sometimes referred to as Tinsel Town or Tollywood, is located in Jubilee Hills. This region is home to several well-known figures, including Telugu celebrities, business magnates, and politicians.

Jubilee Hills always provides the best amenities and infrastructure in the city. Numerous facilities and services, including schools, colleges, banks, ATMs, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, parks, gardens, temples, gyms, etc. are available here.

Large media organisations like NTV, CVR News, TV 9, T New, RMFT Rainbow Media, and Mahaa TV are also located in this region. The region is also a major centre for healthcare and education.

Jubilee Hills is well connected to the rest of the city in terms of connectivity. HITEC City is home to the closest MMTS Train station.

4. Hyderabad’s Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar or SR Nagar

Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar (SR Nagar), a Hyderabad neighbourhood that is primarily residential and is adjacent to Ameerpet (a commercial suburb), is located. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, India’s sixth president, is honoured by the name. With a lot of trees and a good environment, it is one of the most tranquil and enjoyable places to live in the city. The neighbourhood has well-designed roads that connect it to other areas of the city.

This neighbourhood has an increasing number of houses and apartments for housing purposes. Here, you can find a budget for expensive homes. In comparison to other parts of Hyderabad, the cost of housing and the rent are affordable here.

Both singles and families have found the neighbourhood to be a desirable place to live because of the reasonable rents and home costs. The region also features several parks, playgrounds, and recreation centres.

You will have decent infrastructure amenities and convenient access to surrounding restaurants, stores, banks, ATMs, schools, colleges, and hospitals if you choose to live in SR Nagar. If you’re seeking an urban neighbourhood where you may live comfortably and affordably, try Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar.

Nearby Locations –

  • TB and Chest Hospital
  • SR Nagar Junction
  • Nature Cure hospital
  • Umesh Chandra Statue

5. Kondapur

One of the most sought-after pastures close to Hyderabad is Kondapur. Due to Gachibowli and Hi-tech cities’ close vicinity, the region has become a commercial and residential centre. It has excellent connections to major IT businesses, airports, railroad stations, and ring highways.

Kondapur is an excellent spot to stay in Hyderabad because it is close to hospitals, schools, and shopping malls, among other key locations.

6. Gachibowli

Because it is adjacent to the city’s technology core, high-paid IT professionals frequently use this hotel as their lodging.

Additionally, Serilingampally Mandal in the city of Gachibowli boasts some of the top sports facilities in the region.

A property interest in Gachibowli is high among end users and investors due to its future possibilities. Thankfully, there are plenty of fresh solutions to deal with this issue.

7. Manikonda

Manikonda is well-known for its tech scopes and project planning because it serves as the headquarters of numerous software companies. It is a lovely location with facilities like housing, commercial centres, entertainment venues, and linkages to its sports facilities. It has bus terminals that are well-connected and go to different areas of Hyderabad.

8. HIGHEC City

Another IT hub featuring software providers is this one. It also boasts a hospital stadium and a shopping centre that provide a convenient and comfortable lifestyle for its citizens.

Only two miles from the Jubilee Hills, HITEC City is a single high peak covering 200 hectares.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the late Indian Prime Minister at the time, opened the well-organized institution that former Andhra Pradesh Prime Minister N Chandrababu Naidu founded. Identifying title It is another upscale neighbourhood in Hyderabad. The region serves as the city’s IT hub as well as a centre for health and financial services.

The availability of young engineers in this location makes it easier than in Banjara Hills or Jubilee Hills to purchase expensive equipment. one of Hyderabad’s top neighbourhoods for living.

9. Uppal

The most prosperous residential area is Uppal, also referred to as Uppal Kalan. When compared to the rest of Hyderabad, this neighbourhood’s property values are significantly lower. It has gained popularity as a vacation spot for both families and singles due to its accessibility.

It offers high-quality living in colonies that are well-run. Numerous IT businesses and educational institutions are located there. Furthermore, it has access to well-known employment hubs via the Uppal metro station on the red line.

10. Dilsukhnagar

Hyderabad’s Dilsukhnagar is a reputable neighbourhood with both residential and business areas. The housing possibilities in this area include single-family homes and multistory apartments. It is praiseworthy that Hyderabad has connected to various areas of the city thanks to frequent buses that have improved local transportation. Excellent social and retail infrastructure is provided.


Recently, Hyderabad was named the best city in India to live in. It was also said to have the highest standard of living.

The above listed are a handful of Hyderabad’s top locations in terms of an upscale neighbourhood, excellent connectivity, top-notch public amenities, and accessibility to business districts and IT parks.

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Q. Is Begumpet An Ideal Locale?

Ans. Hyderabad’s exceptional Begumpet neighbourhood is primarily renowned for its residential uses. The region has the best amenities, including hospitals, malls, strong road connectivity, and colleges.

Q. Is Kukatpally An Ideal Area to Live in?

Ans. Kukatpally is a fantastic neighbourhood since it provides its residents with excellent amenities. The area offers a range of cheap housing options along with first-rate public amenities and infrastructure. Kukatpally has excellent access by road to HITEC Metropolis and other parts of Hyderabad city.

Q. Which Place is Peaceful in the City of Hyderabad?

Ans. In addition to being a modern business hub and commercial sector, Somajguda is one of Hyderabad’s quieter residential neighbourhoods.

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