Microwave is Not Working – Reasons and Solutions

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You have a non-functioning oven with you don’t know what to do? Get to know here the problems that may cause your oven stop working with their solutions to back your oven to work again. The variety of issues may range from no power, bad door switch, or a blown fuse, with more. These issues along with others may result in a buzzing microwave oven not heating, microwave sparking, no turning of the turntable and others. The DIY tips from Totally Repair will direct you to a right way to bring your microwave to work again.

Microwave is Not Turning on ?

→ Solution

♦ Ensure that microwave plugs-in properly, and is on. 

♦ Check for no tripped GFCI on electric socket. 

♦ Check for breaker that saves electric socket from tripping.

Blown out the Fuse of Microwave ?

→ Solution

♦ Check for the microwave fuse as it may interrupt the power supply to microwave

♦ On checking and finding a blown fuse, remove and replace it

♦ Further check for new fuse for its continuity

Faulty Door Switch of Microwave ?

→ Solution

♦ Check for faulty door switch as it may cause the microwave not to function.

♦ Door switch is a small switch that closes on shutting the door.

♦ The door switch in bad condition will not let the microwave to turn on.

♦ Check the door switch with multimeter and on finding it damaged, replace it.

Not turning on the Microwave After the Door Slammed ?

→ Solution

♦ On slamming the door the microwave doesn’t turn on maybe because of the blown fuse

♦ Check fuse with multimeter and on finding it in bad condition, do the replacement

♦ Further check new fuse so to ensure its continuity

Microwave having Spark Inside ?

→ Solution

♦ Any metal substance can cause spark inside microwave so check for it and ensure that there is no such.

♦ On incident of sparking, turn off the microwave and wait for 5 minutes, so it is safe to remove the metal object without having any burn.

♦ Check microwave for its inside as there may be any splattered food further cooking thus causing spark, so clean the microwave inside on any such happening.

♦ Any faulty microwave part can also cause spark like the power inside microwave may be running through only certain microwave area and such may be happening because of the microwave stirrer may not be working.

♦ High voltage diode can also be the reason for getting short out and causing spark, so check for it as well with ohm meter and replace on finding in bad condition.

Microwave Buzzes But Doesn’t Heat ?

→ Solution

♦ Most likely the diode is at fault in electricity flow as it may be causing the electricity flow in one direction but blocking it on the other way thus causing interruption in electricity flow cycle that keeps microwave from heating besides buzzing sound generated from faulty diode

♦ High voltage capacitor may also be faulty as it stores electricity and on in bad condition may not be working thus leaving the microwave without heating but buzzing, so check for it and replace if necessary with caution to avoid any shock because of energy stored inside the capacitor

♦ Check along the magnetron with caution

Not every microwave is for repair; do count in microwave cost first before deciding on the buy of new repair parts as it may be more economical to buy a new microwave. You can also contact microwave repair in Delhi for further assistance.