What is the Life Cycle of a Refrigerator?

refrigerator repair

As is a fact with the home appliances that they cut down the domestic work to a great amount, the refrigerator is no different. It is of high cost and needs a good care that on being done, runs for a long, as long as 14 years. For the same reason, the consumers may see it as a good investment. Among the total lasting years of a refrigerator, the first half years are considered crucial for its life duration. And, the repair is too said right to call for while the starting phase of the refrigerator, after the guarantee period has exhausted and still the appliance is not working right. The rest of the refrigerator life is said to be unsuitable to call home appliances repair in Delhi, as it can overflow your budget. So, a replacement becomes a better option to go with.

A Planned Strategy

Believe it or not but it is true that companies manufacture product with their pre-set lifespan. The strategy seems fit to the company’ interests but not for the consumers. As, if the appliance of a reasonable cost consumes your worthy sum in repair then runs out of life in a shorter timespan than expected, it will first become consumer-envy then go unpopular thus will disappear from the market. The good thing is that the companies know it and they set the lifetime of their products, including the refrigerator, to such a limit that lasts the time bearable to the consumers. In between that lifetime, the refrigerator repairing keeps a good scope too.

Repair & Replace

The calculation of repair depends on the net cost consumed in fixing the refrigerator at times and when it is nearing the buying cost of the appliance, it becomes clear of choosing to replace the appliance than to repair. For the reason that any further repair call will match the buying cost of the appliance, you may not call the fridge repair in Delhi. The maths is simple and you can easily get the hint about what to go for between the repair and replace. In terms of the refrigerator, it typically includes the repair cost for the malfunctioning of its varying parts like damaged door due to the worn gasket, misplaced timer for defrosting, and improper functioning ice making-dispensing. When already a healthy amount spent in preparing these refrigerator parts, more spent on refrigerator repair will definitely be tough to bear to you.

Moreover, as per the government law regarding energy efficiency of the consumer products, companies by complying with the new law are manufacturing the appliances that consume lesser power than their predecessors. Means, buying a new refrigerator will also save you on the electricity. Now, the choice is yours as you should review the price balance between the repair and replacement cost of the appliance, including refrigerator, before reaching any decision between the repair or replacement.