8 Factors That Can Increase Your Shifting Charges When You Are Planning to Shift Your Household Materials to A New City

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Relocating is pretty common among people these days. Even there are people who relocate quite frequently. The reason can be many, it may be constantly changing study or job location. Many do relocate because they live in rented apartments that they need to change at least a few times in their lifetime.

To make the tough job of relocating easier, packers and movers agencies are there. They perform the whole shifting from packing and managing to putting everything at the right place in our new home. Hiring movers and packers to do our shifting is definitely a great idea but the charges they ask for is sometimes can make us worried.
Especially when we think of shifting to a completely new city that is quite a far away from our current one, the packers and movers charges become a huge chunk of money. But are you aware of the factors that make your shifting expense grow? If you do not then this article is for you.

The 8 Factors That Affects Your Shifting Charges – 

1. The Distance You are Going to Cover –

The distance between your current place and the city you are planning to get shifted to is something that can increase your moving expenses. The more the distance will be, the more the fuel expense, tolls and taxes are going to be.

2. The Vehicle Type –

Your shifting expenses can increase based upon the type of vehicle type you choose to get the job done. You can choose a closed body vehicle that can keep your things safe but it charges a bit more than the open body vehicles. Open body vehicles leave your stuff exposed while moving and so, which makes them kind of insecure.

3. The Type of Services You Take –

There are multiple services that get offered by the packers and movers agencies. If you just take the moving service then you have to spend lesser money than taking the whole package of packing, moving and reassembling.

4. Storage Warehouse Charges –

Storing your stuff in the warehouse of the packers and movers agency will charge you some extra than the moving expenses. All the renowned movers offer this service for the clients who store their things in a safe and secure warehouse for a day or more.

5. Insurance –

Getting moving insurance can be good for you if you are planning to shift a lot of things to someplace that is far away from your current home. Because the long and hectic journey may cause some damage to your stuff. Some items can go missing as well. With the insurance, you can ask the packers and movers to compensate you for your loss. But the insurance will increase your moving expense by 3-5%.

6. The Time When You Want to Move

You have to understand when is the peak time of moving in your place. Usually, every city has its own peak time to move things. If you are planning to move in that particular period then your mover may be going to charge you more.

7. Volume of Goods –

If you have a huge chunk of goods to get moved then get ready to spend lots of money to do that. The number of vehicles you may require while shifting solely depends on the amount of stuff you need to shift. So, that increases the charges you pay. And sometimes while packing and reassembling these piles of stuff need more manpower and boxes than usual. So, again it asks for more money.

8. Availability of Lift at Your Places –

Availability of lift makes the moving easier. If any of your current and new places has no lift but is located not on the ground floor then the movers have to use the staircase to move your heavy furniture and boxes. And they charge extra for this strenuous job.

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So, guys, these are the 8 factors that can increase your moving charges when you are planning to move out of your city and shift to some other place far away from the present one. You may find these hopelessly true but you can avoid a few of them, too. Moving is sometimes a great idea to have changed and sometimes it becomes mandatory though we do not want to. But it should never become a headache in our life. I hope you guys are now very much aware of what you can face in your future shifting time while paying your movers.

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