Colors For Indian Bridal Other Than Red

Indian weddings are vibrant and colourful ceremonies. Everything has a meaning at Indian events, including colours, especially at weddings.

Red is undoubtedly the most noticeable. It is a key colour in most religious rites in Indian culture, and it has a range of good connotations.

Indian weddings aren’t complete without a splash of colour, whether it’s in the wedding attire or the wedding décor. When it comes to the Indian bride and her outfit, colours are more important. Although red is the most popular colour, modern luxury women are also opting for gold, ivory, and pastel tones for their bridal trousseau. Try these hot hues to bring out the most in your bridal look! Follow The Desi Bride for all things Indian weddings! Here are some colours except for red that you can try:

1. Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink is the ideal option that complements all Indian skin tones, but if you choose a pastel pink coloured lehenga, avoid the updo style. Because the colour of the lehenga is light, sweet, and calming, you should choose a haircut that incorporates black.

2. Golden

Models walked the runway in gold-toned lehengas, and this colour has gained appeal among newlyweds who dared to wear gold on their special day. Golden or shimmer lehengas complement Indian skin tones.

Golden is a hue that can completely replace red at a wedding. Although gold was not traditionally associated with brides, many designers, including Manish Malhotra, have been experimenting with lehengas and bridal dresses with gold as the base.

3. Orange

It is no longer a dark, powerful colour! I’m sure if you’re a fashionista, you’ve read numerous articles from various sites on how to dress this vibrant colour. Bright orange with some citrus tints helps to balance the lehenga, which looks fantastic on Indian skin tones. Don’t use too much gold over it, use designer jewellery that complements the garment.

4. Peach

Peach has a very refreshing feel to it when compared to the bolder tones of pink and red. This warm, delicate, and delectable hue are perfect for a spring or summer wedding. In a gorgeous peach lehenga, a girl can seem nothing short of a princess.

This gentle colour would suit practically any skin tone. Go for it without hesitation. If you want a fairytale theme for your wedding, let these colours work their magic and choose a lehenga with minimal stitching or embellishments.

5. Traditional Champagne

Champagne is a great non-traditional colour in your bridal trousseau because it is classy and attractive. It is ideal for brides who seek a simple look on their wedding day. Make your special day even more memorable by infusing it with a touch of beauty and romance.

On your wedding day, add sparkles to your personality and appear elegant in champagne-coloured wedding clothes. It has a bizarre charm. Combine your clothing with heavy gold or diamond jewellery to complete your imperial style.

6. Blue and gold

A shiny gold burst and navy blue tint are great for a nighttime wedding or reception. If you’re planning an outdoor event, you can channel the idea of a bright winter night sky while instantly adding a touch of elegance with this colour combination. It is suitable for an Indo-western motif and complements both magnificent diamond and gold jewellery. She wore a strapless blue and gold lehenga and accessorised with a big diamond necklace. Simple, but eye-catching!

7. Pink blush

If pastels are your way, a peachy pink or blush pink and powder colour pallet is lovely. It would be ideal for a morning Indian wedding ceremony, evoking a bright and springy vibe. When adopting this colour scheme for your wedding attire, try to incorporate a touch of green into your décor. It frequently stands out against a leafy green background.

If you want to highlight the subtle character of the muted peach, a touch of crimson or dark pink can make a terrific measure. It’s a colour palette that would make you look stylish yet beautiful for a day occasion.

Key Takeaway

The colour pallet for bridal lehengas ranges from tranquil ivories and stunning reds to relaxing pastels, metallics, and quirky hues for brides to choose from.

Brides have boldly chosen some striking lehenga colour combinations by combining or contrasting the lovely shirts, charming dupattas, and lehenga skirts in diverse hues. The above mentioned are some of the shades you can choose from except for red.


Q. Can Indian brides wear white?

Ans. Unlike in Western weddings, brides refuse to wear white since it is a symbol of sadness. Instead, they choose a vibrant sari that expresses their ethnicity.

Q. What colours are used in Indian weddings?

Ans. Traditional wedding colours include red, gold, and white.

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