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Washing Machine Repair & Services
Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida

We are trusted Front Load, Top Load washing machine service provider. We offer door step washing machine repair service at the short notice from the applicant. We strongly cover Delhi ncr region with fast track services as once you can call us any time and we make possible to resolve your service and repairing issues same day. Totally Repair has emerged as a single point solution of repairing of home appliances. Washing machine repair services are provided by us at the best industry standards with fast, cost effective and durable solutions.

We Offer Repairing And Servicing Of All Brands Washing Machine

Totally repair is a pioneer Washing machine services in Delhi. All brands servicing facility is available at the best price from our company. Great fame is achieved by us as we have expertise in Washing Machine Repairing and Servicing of all existing brands that include Kelvinator, Videocon, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool or any other. You can call us with a guarantee of smooth operating of your beloved washing machine.

We Have Best Experts To Provide Proper Repairing Of Washing Machine

To provide better doorstep washing machine repair service in Delhi, we have a big team of experts. Customers will get fast on-time services from qualified technicians. We continuously work on making sure the delivery of hassle-free services to each customer at any corner of Delhi. We give 100% service to our customers. This is the reason why we are always the first choice when it comes to solving any issues related to washing machines of Delhi people. Our experts pinpoint the problem quickly and give you a perfect washing machine repair service each time.

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How to Repair a Washing Machine at Home?

When you buy a new washing machine and it doesn’t work well after a few days, don’t be upset. There are a few common issues that you can fix yourself. But, to solve some major malfunctions you need to approach a professional. If we can diagnose the underlying condition of the problem, we can easily handle it without any intervention of a mechanic. Here, we shall discuss some common washing machine failure instances. Moreover, we will talk over how to repair a washing machine at home.

Common Washing Machine Issues and Ways to Fix it.

A proper analysis of a machine is always required to fix the problem. Here are the common washer problems your machine can encounter.

  • Washing machine do not start at all
  • Leakage of water
  • Washer does not drain water
  • Spinner does not start

If your washing machine does not turn on or do not start, then you can check the source of power. Check if the plug is properly inserted or not. Sometime the washer doesn’t start due to less voltage. Therefore, check the voltage with a multimeter. Sometime, the washer motor is heated extremely and shut down automatically. In such cases, let the machine to be cool down for a while and start again.

If your washing machine is leaking water, it may mess up your house floor. However, you can opt an easy fix way or an inexpensive repairing by a mechanic. If your machine is leaking water only during the spin, the problem might be there in the drain hose. Just check the drain hose once, it might have a crack or damaged. You can exchange the drain hose if the damage is severe.

In some cases, the washer does not drain the water properly. During such a case, there might be some problem in the drain hose. Check the drain hose for any blockage. If you find any clogs, try to flush it out manually.

Many a times the spinner does not start at all. For such cases, you need to look inside the cabinet to fix this problem. Sometimes, the washer does not spin due to the overload of clothes in it. The motor running the spin can’t handle the pressure and stops working. To resolve such cases, remove the extra clothes inside the cabinet and restart the machine.

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